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Ibón de Barbarisa

Puerto de Sahun - Ibón de Barbarisa - Puerto de Sahun





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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín to Plan. Almost immediately after entering the village you see an information panel on the walking routes. Continue some 40 meters to the signpost for "San Juan, Gistain and Viados", and turn right downhill on a narrow asphalt road. Do not go towards "San Juan, Gistain and Viados". After crossing a bridge the asphalt ends and you find signposts. Turn left for "Collado de la Cruz" and "Mirador de la Riba". In the beginning the sand road is in rather bad condition, but it gets better further on. After driving 2.5 km you pass the lookout spot of Riba. 10 km further on, the sand turns into asphalt and you see a sign for "Refugio, Bar" on your left. Keep going 800 meters more until you see an information panel introducing the "Comarca de Sobrarbe" on your left. By the panel you find parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h30min/12.5km

Before you start the walk from the information panel take a moment to admire the mountains surrounding this place. Looking west you see the village of Gistaín and the crest of Maristás above the village. In the southwest rises Peña las Once

Take the grassy track that starts by the panel (2010 m) towards the stone cottage in front of you. In less than a minute - before you reach the cottage - two paths branch off right. They run side by side. Choose the upper path. When the path gets wet, go uphill. You find a number of paths, all going to the same direction. In the valley below you spot a track, which will be your return route.

You cross a grassy field, where the paths are difficult to see. At the other end of the field you find a clear path marked with stone piles (28min) (2060 m).

When you reach the crest (35min) (2105 m) you can cast the first glance at the gorge along which the route will ascend. The narrow path circles the slope to the left. Soon you see the waterfall (42min) (2115 m) you are heading to. 

When the stony path gets too irksome (1h12min) (2105 m) descend along the grassy slope to the gorge (2000 m) and walk through the grassy field gently upwards to the waterfall. You find a white-yellow waymark by the side of the fall (1h32min) (2115 m) and start following the waymarks uphill staying all the time on the left side of the fall. Later you will return to this spot and continue to the right crossing the torrent and continuing downhill.

On your way uphill along the path, which is easy to walk, you can enjoy the views to the peaks of  Montarruego and Bagüeña. Once you have climbed above the waterfall (1h49min) (2230 m) the path starts to follow a brook. You cross a meadow and come to a fork (2h) (2265 m). On your right is a rock with the text "La Ball". On your left is a rock with the text "Sein". The route continues to the left, but if you walk some 20 meters to the right, you will find a small lagoon (Ibón Chicot de Barbarisa).

Walking towards "Sein" you follow the white-yellow waymarks.

You see the largest lagoon of Barbarisa (Ibón de Barbarisa) first below you (2h18min) (2340 m). Pico Baixo de Bagüeña rises on the opposite slope. Descend along the grassy slope to the shore of the lagoon (2h23min) (2320 m) and walk to the right close to the water. A short cape streches out to the lagoon. From its tip you you can see the oval lagoon in its full lenght. After you have passed the cape the cliffs dip down steeply to the water. You have to ascend some 10 meters to go over them. In the north the lagoon is lined by Pica Sierra.

From the end of the lagoon (2h30min) starts a clear path that leads back to the already familiar fork with signs for Sein and La Ball (2h43min). Return the same way to the point, where the waymarks guide you cross the torrent  (3h03min) (2110 m). On the other side, a clear path continues gently downhill. 

The path descends to a track (3h40min) (1825 m). Turn right. In a minute, you cross a torrent that originates from a magnificent waterfall on your right. On the other side, the track gets wider. The valley of Benasque spreads out in the east. Return along the road back to the beginning of the route (4h30min).

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