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Valle de Poma

Gistaín - Valle de la Comuna - Piedra Blanca - Valle de Poma - Cruz del Puyadase - Gistaín





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín to Gistaín. Immediately after entering the village you see a parking place on your left. On your right is an information panel on walking routes. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h20min/12.5km

Take the ascending concrete road that starts by the information panel (1400 m). Soon you come to a fork, where you keep right. When the road bends sharp left (5min) (1420 m), you see a track branching off right. That will be your return route. The concrete turns into sand (8min) (1445 m) and later the road peters out into track, which runs above the village. The valley of Chistau spreads out to the left, and further on, you see the village of Plan in the valley.

When the track forks (20min) (1500 m), a white-red waymark guides you to the left. At the next fork, do not follow the waymark on a wooden pole to the left towards the village of Serveto, but go right  (23min) (1500 m). Ignore all side tracks and paths. Also at the following fork (30min) (1545 m), continue uphill to the right.

On the other side of the Chistau valley rises the Macizo de Cotiella splitted by the gorge of Plan. The track bends right (42min) (1575 m), first towards the rock of San Martín and then towards the valley of La Comuna boarded by Sierra Lafita and Cresta de Maristás. After passing a stone cottage (46min) (1600 m) the track curves right again, to a valley marked by rolling slopes and green pastures. Far away you discern the village of Señés. Stay on the main track, ignoring the narrower tracks that branch off left (52min) (1620 m) and right (1h01min) (1670 m).

The track becomes more grassy. After going between two stone cottages (1h07min) (1710 m) it opens up a lovely view to the valley of La Comuna. When you reach the first crest (1h13min) (1740 m) you can admire the slopes of San Mamés above the valley of Chistau.

From now on the track is barely visible, but keep ahed and climb up along the slope, which is easy to walk, but without a path to the highest of the hills. When you reach the crest (1h37min) (1935 m) you find a high stone pile. To the northeast and east you see a group of mountains - Bachimala, Posets and El Yerri - with jagged peaks.  

Continue uphill all the way to the highest point (1h40min) (1955 m). Down below you discern a track and a group of buildings. Bend left and descend along the crest that curves little by little to the right and comes to the track (1h58min) (1900 m). Turn right. This track is at its best in September and October when the trees are wearing autumn colours. When it forks (2h10min) (1830 m), keep right. The track snakes its way to the valley of Poma and goes round it. Colorful trees ornate green fields. The valley is bordered by the mountains of Posets. Descending gently you cross a number of bridges over brooks. 

One of the high points of this route is the "Cruz del Puyadase", a wonderful lookout spot with a charming stone cottage and benches (3h) (1500 m). From this spot you can admire the valley of Chistau almost in its full lenght, the lower flanks of Yerri and Sarra Biella.

The track goes down to the concrete road of the village of Gistain (3h15min) (1420 m). Return on it back to the beginning of the route (3h20min).

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