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Sendero Barranco Puyarueso

Sendero Barranco Puyarueso





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín 1.8 km from San Juan de Plan towards Gistaín until you see a sign for "Parque Natural" on the right hand side of the road. Turn on this sand road. After 5.4 km the road forks. Go left following the signs for "Camping Forcallo" and "Campamento Virgen Blanca". You pass the campsite of Virgen Blanca after 2.9 km, and the campsite of Forcallo 300 meters thereafter. When the road forks, some 400 meters after Forcallo, continue uphill to the right and drive 1 km more to the end of the road, where you find a sign for "Glaciar de Posets y Llardina". (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h45min/7.6km

From the end of the sandroad starts a track (1710 m). On your right spreads out the Las Espadas. You cross a bridge and continue to the signposts, where you find paths to three directions (11min) (1745 m). Choose the path to the right for "Posets/Lardana". You go over the river Zinqueta d'Añes Cruzes on a bridge (14min) (1720 m) and ascend to a track (17min) (1740 m). Turn left. The river flows on your left. After crossing a brook the track turns into a path (38min) (1845 m) that bends right uphill towards a stone cottage. You pass the cottage, which stays on your left  (43min) (1880 m). The path gets steeper and enters a spruce forest. At the forks, keep left. At the upper end of the valley of Añes Cruzes you see the pass of Aigües Tortes.

When the forest ends (1h18min) (2135 m), you enjoy a lovely view to the mountain of Bachimala in the north and to the mountains of Bagüeñola in the south. In front of you spreads out the gently rolling landscape of La Anglada. Follow the path that first skirts the edge of the forest, and then curves to the left. You discern a number of paths on the slope. Take one of the wider paths that run higher on the slope. In some five minutes you encounter a clear path and walk for a while at the same altitude. When the path forks (1h25min) (2175 m), go right. In a couple of minutes you reach the gorge of Puyarueso (1h27min) (2175 m)  with a great waterfall. In this beautiful place, the water forms large pools. Looking north you see the green slopes of  Bachimala. West from Bachimala rises the Sierra de Picaruela.

Do not continue along the path that goes on from the other side of the gorge towards the top of Posets. The path is steep and later you would scramble along the bedrock without any path.

Return the same way back to the beginning of the route (2h45min).

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