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Plan - San Memés - La Simierre - Plan

Plan - San Memés - La Simierre - Plan





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín to Plan. Almost immediately after entering the village you see an information panel on the walking routes. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h30min/11.5km

Walk from the information panel (1090 m) some 40 meters to the signpost for "San Juan, Gistain and Viados", and turn right downhill on a narrow asphalt road. Do not go towards "San Juan, Gistain and Viados". Just before a bridge, turn left, on a narrow asphalt road that follows the river Zinqueta (3min) (1075 m). By the recreation area of San Juan de Plan you find a bridge and signposts (20min) (1105 m). After crossing the bridge, take the ascending track for "Ermita de San Mamés", "Collado de la Cruz" and "Collado de Sahún".

Follow the white-yellow waymarks that lead you through a leafy forest all the time uphill along the route that in some places narrows into a path.  When you come to a fork (40min) (1250 m), follow the white-yellow stripes to the right. You ascend to a narrow sand road (44min) (1280 m). Turn right.

Immediately after crossing a bridge (47min) (1295 m), the waymarks guide you to the left on an ascending path. Later you enjoy nice views over the three villages - Gistain, San Juan de Plan and Plan - of the Chistau valley. Along the path you find traditional stone buildings.

By the hermitage of San Mamés is a lookout spot (1h06min) (1405 m). The mountain views encompass Peña las Once and Mediodía. Below lies the tiny, charming valley of Simierre.

Continue along the path pass the picnic spot with tables and benches. Later the path turns into a romantic track. When it forks (1h18min) (1435 m), follow the sign for "Collado de la Cruz" to the right. The track comes to a sand road (1h23min) (1435 m). Turn right for "San Juan de Plan". On your right you see the slopes of Simierre

In a minute the track bends sharp right. At this point, you see a white-yellow waymark on a tree trunk. Take the path that starts by this waymark. It descends to a brook (1h26min) (1425 m). Cross the brook on stones and follow it upsteam. You must climb up a few paces to find a clear path that ascends to a wide path (1h29min) (1440 m). Turn right.

You come to a track (1h31min) (1450 m). Turn left uphill. This beautiful grassy track runs first in a leafy forest and later in a pine forest. Below the slopes of Simierre spread out to the valley of Chistau.

The track leads to a sand road (2h10min) (1620 m). Turn right. The narrow road snakes its way downhill towards the valley. On your right you see the green slopes of Mamés and the crest of Estibeta. Just beforo you reach the lookout spot of Riba, you encouter a sign for Plan pointing to the left (3h) (1260 m). Before you start the descent along this path, take a look from the lookout spot over the valley.

The path goes down to the sand road (3h15min) (1135 m). Turn left and return over the bridge to Plan (3h30min).

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