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Walking route in the nature park of Peña Cabarga

Santiago de Cudeyo - Peña Cabarga - Pico Llen - Laposta - Santiago de Cudeyo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-8 take the exit 202 and continue on the CA-145 towards Heras. You drive through Heras on the N-635 and continue on it until a narrow asphalt road signposted to Santiago de Cudeyo and Peña Cabarga branches off left. After 1 km you come to Santiago de Cudeyo and see at the entrance an information panel on the route "Peña Cabarga". (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h40min/14km

Walk from the information panel (115 m) some 100 meters ahead along the road and turn left. Almost immediately you see a sign for "Pico Llen, Peña Cabarga" pointing right. Follow this sign to a narrow asphalt road leading uphill in an eucalyptus forest. By a concrete building (6min) (145 m) you ignore a track, which branches off left, and continue straight ahead to a stony track. On your right you see the bay and city of Santander.

When the track forks (18min) (250 m), go right. By a tiny clearing (28min) (315 m) the track emerges from the eucalyptus forest and continues at the same altitude to a fork with three branches (31min) (310 m). Take the track uphill sharp to the left.

Soon you enjoy an open view over the coast. You come to a crossroads, where a wooden pole guides you to the left towards the lookout tower on top of the Pico Llen (40min) (380 m). Later the track turns into a path (49min) (390 m), which leads through a pine forest with grazing horses to the grassy slope of Peña Cabarga along which you climb to the asphalt road (1h10min) (545 m). Turn right to the lookout tower (1h14min) (565 m). Looking south you see valleys and behind them the Montes Pasiegas. In the southwest rise the pointed mountains of Picos de Europa. In the north the view reaches over Santander to the Cantabrian sea.

Return on the same way back to the crossroads with the wooden pole (1h48min) (380 m) and continue straight ahead on a grassy track between fences. The track leads through a rolling landscape and descends then to a junction (2h06min) (300 m). Turn left on the grassy track. It passes a building with a white-yellow waymark on the wall (2h17min) (295 m) and continues through a grassy plain to a gate (2h25min) (300 m). After the gate you keep going uphill ignoring a path to the right. When you come to a beautiful meadow you see a building with a waymark and an arrow pointing straight ahead (2h28min) (315 m). The track descends through a gate to a cowshed, by which you keep right (2h35min) (275 m). After next gate (2h39min) (240 m) the track bends right and opens up a view to the bay of Santander.

The track turns into an asphalt road that bends down left (2h54min) (145 m). When you come to a junction (2h56min) (130 m), turn right. Also at the next junction (2h57min) (120 m), you turn right. The road leads to the village of Laposta, where you encounter a fountain (3h) (115 m). Ignore all side roads and follow the main road lined by pastures. At the crossroads (3h09min) (100 m), continue straight ahead, through the village of Santiago de Cudeyo to the beginning of the route (3h40min).

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