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Trekking route to Pico Cerredo on Costa Verde

Islares - Pico Cerredo - Islares





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-8 take the exit 159 (Guriezo) and continue along the N-634 towards Islares about 3.5 km through the village of Islares until a narrow asphalt road forks off right, directly after the exit sign of the village. Turn on this road and drive about 300 meters, then turn right for "Desguaces Islares". Continue another 300 meters and turn right again. About 100 meters further, the road ends by a large concrete building. The route starts from this point. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h30min/11km

By this route, on top of the hill (31min), we met a bull that behaved alarmingly. First it tried to attack a horse with a rider, could not catch it though. Then the bull started to chase us. This is the only time in Cantabria we have met a hostile bull. However, we decided to present this route, because the Pico Cerredo is the highest of the mountains by the shore and the route as such is beautiful. But be careful, if you take this route.

Go through the gate (100 m) to a track which bends right. Soon you see the village of Islares on your right. When the track forks (7min) (160 m), continue to the left. The track bends right and ascends to a hill (31min) (355 m), where it turns into a path. After a couple of hundred meters the path comes to a track that leads to a ridge (42min) (425 m). From the ridge it slopes down and bends then left uphill. Later the track bends right and narrows into a path. You walk a while in a shallow depression until a path branches off right to a forest (1h) (510 m). In the forest the path bends left (1h05min) (540 m) and comes then to a grassy clearing (1h10min) (560 m), where you enjoy a wonderful sea view.

Continue along the right margin of the clearing uphill. In a minute, you see the peak of Pico Cerredo on your left. On your right spreads out a vast plain. The path bends left and slopes down to a cottage (1h18min) (535 m), where you take a track to the right. The track curves left towards the peak. When it forks (1h23min) (535 m), go left. You cross a grassy field with a wooden pole. Keep on the left side of the field. When you meet a wooden pole (1h35min) (570 m), follow the white-yellow waymarks through a stony and difficult terrain to the top (1h50min) (645 m).

From the top you enjoy beautiful sea views. Looking west you see the coast line all the way to Monte Buciero. In the east, you see Castro-Urdiales on the coast. Small images of saints are hiding in the rock holes.

Return on the same way back to the beginning of the route (3h30min).

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