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Walking route along the cliffs of San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera - Punta Liñera - La Regatona - Cueto Marías - Cueva del Cúlebre - Playa de Fuentes - San Vicente de la Barquera





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-634 to San Vicente de la Barquera. If you come from the direction of Oviedo, do not cross the bridge "Puente de la Barquera", but turn by this bridge to the left following the "Faro" sign. If you come from the Santander direction, cross first the "Puente de la Maza" and then the "Puente de la Barquera" and turn right following the "Faro" sign. Continue some 500 meters to a fork, where the Faro sign points up left and the Santuario sign to the right. Immediately after turning towards the Santuario, you see on the left side of the road an information panel on the route "Ruta de los Acantilados". Opposite to this panel, you find parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h10min/9.5km

Start from the panel (5 m) by going uphill towards "Faro", not towards the Santuario. You walk along the "Carretera de el Faro". The street takes you to the light house of San Vicente (5min) (35 m). Pass the light house and branch off right. Almost immediately you turn left to a track (7min) (45 m). The track comes to an asphalt road (10min) (45 m), which you follow to the right. In a minute, you encounter two forks. At both of them you go right. The second one has a sign for "Punta Liñera".

By the house of "Posada Punta Liñera" you follow the sign for "Acantilados" and the white-yellow waymark to the right (15min) (55 m). The track leads to a gate (18min) (50 m). Do not go through it, but take the path that starts from the left side of the gate. This path joins a track by the house of "Hospedaje el Somante" (22min) (75 m). When you come to the recreation area of "La Guía" (23min) (85 m), a white-yellow waymark guides you to the right. In a minute, the track comes to a gate. After going through it, you follow the sign for "Acantilados" to a path that runs downhill by a fence. You go through another gate (27min) (40 m), before a sign for "Acantilados, La Regatona" points to the left (31min) (10 m).

The path leads you to the cliffs with fine views to the Cantabrian sea and the rocky coast. Later you ascend to higher cliffs and encounter a sign for "Cueva del Cúlebre" (50min) (45 m). Follow it to the left away from the seashore. In front of you rise the peaks of Picos de Europa. After passing the opening to the cave (56min) (40 m) the path takes you back to the cliffs (1h04min) (45 m). Soon you see the village of Prellezo surrounded by green pastures and the Sierra de Jerra on the background.

When you meet a cove stretching out a long way to inland (1h11min) (55 m), take the path that runs on its edge to the left. The path descends through a fence to the beach of Fuentes (1h19min) (15 m), where you find a narrow asphalt road. Lined by pastures the road gains altitude. When you see a small bond on your left, be careful that you take the track to the left (1h29min) (80 m). At the fork (1h34min) (65 m) you go right. Also at the next fork (1h36min) (55 m) you keep right following the main track that bends sharp right.

You come to an asphalt road (1h43min) (75 m) and turn left. When the road bends left, you continue straight ahead to a narrower asphalt road (1h47min) (70 m). At the crossroads (1h52min) (65 m), you go straight ahead. Soon after that, you keep right staying on the asphalt road (1h55min) (60 m). At the next forks, go right heading towards the shore in front of you. The road comes to the bridge of Barquera (2h03min) (10 m). Continue to the left, back to the beginning of the route (2h10min).

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