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Camino de Gandarela
Camino de Gandarela






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the DP-7302 close to the kilometre post 4 turn to the "Centro de Visitantes Cielga" and drive to the parking place of the information centre. The gate of the information centre closes at 20.00. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h05min/5.5km

Return from the information centre along a track that runs by the street (30 m) to the gate (4min) (30 m) and turn left. Walk some 150 m on the DP-7302 to a junction. Ignore the road to the right and take the unclear path downhill to the left opposite to a road. Be careful not to take the uphill path to the left.

The path leads to a narrow asphalt road (8min) (30 m). Turn left. Soon the pavement ends and you start to walk on a track. When you come to a junction (15min) (5 m), turn right. You walk through a marsh.

When the track forks (21min) (5 m), go right. Looking left you see a sand dune covered by pines. Continue past the lagoon of Carregal until you meet a river on your right (31min) (5 m).

Return to the junction (47min) (5 m) and walk straight ahead. Later you branch off right to a path with a sign for "Sendeiro dos Pasarelas" (50min) (10 m), which leads to the beach of Vilar (54min) (10 m). Follow the walkway made of planks to the left.

The walkway turns into steps which ascend to the cliffs. Looking right you see the beach of Vilar. Before you reach the beach of Vilar branch off left to a walkway made of planks (1h02min) (20 m) and return to the information centre (1h05min).

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