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Cabo de Laxe
Laxe - Punta Insua - Faro de Laxe - Carreiro do Morelo - Capela de Santa Rosa - Laxe






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AC-552 turn to AC-4001 and continue 6,5 km to Castrelos, where you turn right to AC-433. After 2 km you come to the harbour of Laxe. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h15min/5.4km

From the boulevard lined by the beach (5 m) you take the steps to the church of Santa María de Atalaia (2min) (10 m). Continue from its other end along a street to the right. Almost immediately you see the sign for "Faro Laxe" and follow it to the left. Follow the white-yellow waymarks first to the right, then to the left and again to the right to a narrow concrete road (5min) (30 m). This road leads to the lookout spot of Insua (9min) (45 m) with a lovely view to the rugged coast.

Opposite to the lookout spot, on the other side of the road, you see a sign for "PR-G-70, Punta Insua". Follow it to the right to an asphalt road. When the road bends to the right (12min) (35 m), branch off left to a path lined by tall ferns. First the path is narrow and difficult to walk, but soon it becomes wider and easy to walk. All along this route you find white-yellow waymarks. When the path forks (21min) (20 m), go left. In a couple of minutes you bend uphill to the left.

The Cape Roncudo dominates the sea view. From the top of the Insua mountain you enjoy a nice sea view (27min) (60 m). The path continues along the slope staying almost at the same level for a while. After a small pine forest (32min) (55 m) the path begins to slope down towards the cape of Cruciña. Turn right (38min) (25 m) to visit the cape below the lighthouse (40 min) (20 m). From there you have nice views of the cliffs. Ascend from the cape to the lighthouse (44min) (45 m). By the lighthouse you encounter a statue of a woman looking out to the sea.

From the lighthouse, you follow the sign for "Carreiro do Morelo" to a path that runs on cliffs. Views of the the rocky coast line and cliffs are splendid. From the shore, the path ascends to a hill and descends then to a lookout spot (53min) (10 m).

The route continues along a beautiful walkway close to the shore. Later the walkway becomes a concrete road (59min) (10 m), which leads past the cemetery to an asphalt road. At the next junction (1h05min) (40 m), turn right. Next the sign for "Capela de la Santa Rosa" guides you to the right (1h07 min) (20 m). After that you follow the sign to the left to the chapel with a fine view over the village of Laxe. Return to the harbour (1h15min).

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