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Costa da Morte
Camelle - Playa de Traba - Campo de Almozarro - Playa de Arnado - Playa de Castrallón - Playa de Soesto - Laxe - Camelle






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AC-522 to Vimianzo turn to the AC-433 and continue 10 km to Ponte de Porto, where you turn right to the DP-1601 following the sign for "Camelle, Arou". Do not pay attention to the road, which branches off left towards Arou after 3.6 km, but drive straight ahead one kilometer more to the village of Camelle, where you follow the sign for "Porto" to the harbour of the village. There is a lot of parking space by the building called Casa de Alemán. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h14min/25km

From the Casa de Alemán (5 m) take the walkway bordering the harbour. You pass an anchor and go round the beach of Camelle. Close to the east end of the beach, branch off right to a concrete road with a sign for "Senda" (10min) (5 m). It takes you to an asphalt road (12min) (10 m). Turn left.

The asphalt road turns into a track (19min) (5 m) and straight after that into a path by the cove of Sabadell. Keep left on the main path. The path crosses a small cape to the cove of Señora and continues in the middle of ferns over a brook to a pine forest. Walking on the wide path you enjoy nice views over the coves to Camelle.

The path snakes its way close to the sea shore between bizarre looking stone blocks. Little by little it becomes wider and leads to the beach of Traba. Once you reach the beach (1h) (10 m) turn left and continue along the wooden walkway (1h03min) (5 m) past the recreation area to an asphalt road (1h12min) (15 m). Turn left to the village of Mordomo. At the next junction (1h15min) (15 m) go straight ahead. Soon after this junction you have to turn left to a track (1h18min) (15 m).

Lined by sand dunes, the track goes by the Traba lagoon hidden in the middle of rushes. When the track bends right by a bird-watching cottage, branch off left to a path (1h23min) (5 m). Almost immediately, the path turns into a track, which passes another bird-watching hut and leads to a wooden walkway. Take this walkway to the left (1h32min) (5 m). You follow the Vao river along a wooden walkway to the beach of Traba (1h43min) (5 m), where you continue along a stone paved walkway uphill. When this way bends down right, branch off left to a grassy path. The path comes to a track (1h48min) (20 m). Turn left to a pine forest.

When you reach the recreation area of Campo de Almozarro (1h52min) (30 m), follow the signs for "PR-G-114" and "Laxe 6,1 km" to the left. The road opens up nice views to the coast and the village of Camelle. Ignore all side roads. The main road bends right to the cliffs.

Above the tiny beach of Arnado (2h11min) (10 m) you start to walk on a very beautiful walkway. When it forks, keep left. The views of capes, rocks and coves are splendid.

Later the walkway narrows into a path by the beach of Castrallón (2h19min) (15 m). After going round the cape of Catasol, it descends to the large beach of Soesto, where you continue along a wooden walkway. When the walkway ends by the recreation area of Soesto (2h39min) (5 m), walk straight ahead towards the hill of Castro to a track, which crosses the hill and slopes down to the upper part of Laxe (2h57min) (70 m). Ignore the sign for "Capela de Santa Rosa PR-G-70" pointing to the right and continue downhill to the beach of Laxe (3h07min) (5 m). By the beach boulevard you encounter the church of Santa Maria de Atalaya, which is worth visiting before you return on the same way back to Camelle (6h14min).

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