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Corcubión - Faro de Corcubión - San Pedro de Redonda - Corcubión






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AC-552 to Corcubión and continue to the south-east corner of the village to the harbour, where you find a parking place next to the tourist information. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h59min/10km

Take the walkway (5 m), which starts from the tourist information and runs along the shore past the beach of Quenxe. Just before the walkway ends, ascend along a concrete ramp to an asphalt road (15min) (5 m) and continue uphill to the left.

When you come to a junction (21min) (45 m), turn left to the DP-2801. Ignore the road, which branches off left towards Oliveira and follw the sign for "Faro Cabo" straight ahead. Soon you enjoy a nice view of the cape Castelo de Cardeal.

When you encounter a sign for "Castelo de Cardeal" pointing to the left (31min) (30 m), you can walk to the shore to admire the sea view (33min) (20 m), but the building behind the gate is private property.

Return to the asphalt road and walk ahead. On your way, you see the mountain of Pindo. Later you follow the sign for "Faro de Corcubión" to the left (50 min) (40 m) passing a football field. From the light house (56min) (20 m) you can take the steps down to the cliffs revealing a nice sea view.

Return to the asphalt road and walk some 100 m before you turn left to a sand road. After some 50 m you come to a lookout spot with a view of Fisterra. Do not continue along the sand road pass the football field, but return to the asphalt road.

When you reach the already familiar junction (1t04min) (40 m), keep left. The road takes you through the village of San Pedro de Redonda (1t29min) (70 m). All the way, you enjoy nice views. At the next junction (1t50min) (110 m), turn right. somewhat later you cross a road and continue at the following crossroads straight ahead (1t59min) (90 m) past the church to the harbour of Corcubión.

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