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Cabo Vilán
Camariñas - Playa de Lago - Capilla de la Virgen del Monte - Faro Vilán - Camariñas






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AC-552 to Vimianzo, turn to the AC-432 with signposts to Ponto do Porto and Camariñas. Continue along this road to the harbour of Camariñas, where you find the first sign for "Ruta Costa da Morte". Further up the sign guides you from the other end of the harbour to the right. When you encounter a sign "Castelo de Soberano" park your vehicle next to it. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h43min/13km

From the parking place (15 m) you see on your right on information panel presenting the route "Costa da Morte" and a white-yellow waymark, which guides you to a concrete road. Almost immediately you walk past a light house. Follow carefully the waymarks, which lead you first to the right (6min) (15 m), straight after that to the left, then left again to a track, next to the right and then left again (9min) (10 m).

The track runs towards the coast and forks (13min) (5 m). Follow the waymark to the right. Walking close to the shore, you see the hill "Mote Farelo". When you reach the beach of Lago (32min) (5 m), continue along the track through a paved parking place. Later a white-yellow waymark guides you to the right (37min) (10 m).

When you come to a fork (42min) (25 m), where you find an information panel presenting the "Capilla de la Virgen del Monte", take the walkway lined by wooden crosses to the chapel (48min) (55 m), where you enjoy a nice sea view.

Return to the fork and follow a wooden arrow from the corner of a football field to the left. Later you encounter a bench by the track (58min) (25 m).

On your way towards the wind mills and the light house, which stands on the cape of Vilán you pass by a couple of coves.

The track comes to an asphalt road (1h33min) (25 m). Turn left and ascend to a museum which lies below the light house (1h46min) (55 m). The light house is private property, but you can climb the steps to a round stone building, the old light house of Vilán (1h35min) (65 m). From there you have a nice view of the new light house standing on reddish cliffs as well as of stone formations and the sea.

Return on the asphalt road along the coast back to the harbour of Camariñas (2h37min) (5 m), where you turn right. Soon you turn right again and return to the parking place (2h43min).

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