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Fisterra - Faro de Finisterre - Monte de San Guillerme - Fisterra






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AC-552 turn to the AC-445 signposted to Fisterra. Continue 10 km to the village of Fisterra and follow the signs for "Faro" and "Porto" to the harbour, where you find a lot of parking space. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h15min/9km

In the harbour (5 m) you find a sign for "Castelo de San Carlos", which takes you to an asphalt road close to the water towards the beach. Follow the road to the beach, where you climb the steps marked with yellow arrows. The steps ascend to the fortress of San Carlos (6min) (10 m).

The route goes on along the street until the Faro-sign guides you away from the beach to an alley (10min) (20 m). When you come to a concrete road (13min) (35 m), turn left. It leads to an asphalt road by the church of Santa María das Arenas (15min) (35 m). By the road runs a path on which you start to walk uphill. You pass an information panel of the "Ruta do Monte de San Guillerme" on your right and continue straight ahead to the pilgrim statute (27min) (90 m). From there you enjoy a nice sea view.

After passing a fountain and a narrower asphalt road branching off right, the road ends (42min) (130 m) and you continue along a walkway to the zero point of the pilgrimage route of St James and to the lighthouse of Finisterre (45 min) (120 m). After visiting the lighthouse and its surroundings with nice views, go back to the asphalt road and turn left uphill to a narrower asphalt road (48min) (130 m). When it forks by an information panel, keep right on the asphalt road. Looking down you enjoy a view of the cape Fisterra.

The road snakes its way on the slope of the Facho mountain to the holy stones (Pedras Santas) (59min) (210 m). After passing these curious rock formations keep on the asphalt road without paying attention to the track branching off right.

When the road forks (1h03min) (230 m), follow a green-white waymark to the left to a track. Somewhat later you branch off left to a track towards the cape (1h06min) (205 m). The track bends right and returns to the wider track (1h20min) (115 m).

After a while the track starts ascending (1h28min) (120 m) with fine views of the beach Praia do Mar de Fora. When it forks (1h35min) (165 m), go left, down to a pine forest. At the crossroads, walk straight ahead (1h46min) (95 m). The track slopes down to the already familiar asphalt road (1h50min) (70 m). Turn left and return to the harbour (2h15min).

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