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Illas Sisargas
Malpica - Praia de Area Maior - Cala del Portiño - Santuario de San Adrián del Mar - Cabo de Santo Hadrián - Malpica






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AC-552 to Carballo turn on the AC-418 towards Malpica. Drive 3.7 km to the village of Malpica and turn left downhill. Follow the signs for "Porto Malpica" 1 km to the harbour of Malpica. Just before you reach the parking place of the harbour you see on your left a small whale statute. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h50min/11.6km

Ascend from the parking place (5 m) to the whale statute and continue along the street to the corner of "Casa de Pescador", where you turn left to the Rua Emilio Gonzáles. At the next corner, turn right by a statute to the Rua de Xose, which leads to the boulevard Rua Praia next to the beach. Continue along the Rua Praia to the left (6min) (10 m).

When the walkway along the beach of Area Maior ends (13min) (10 m), you continue along a stone paved walkway. After a couple of minutes you pass a fountain and the pavement ends. You walk towards the cape of Malpica.

When the walkway forks above the cove of Portiño (29min) (25 m), keep right and take the steps down to a wooden walkway, which goes round the recreation area. After a fountain you cross a small bridge and continue along the walkway (34min) (5 m).

The gently ascending walkway opens up fine views over the beach of Seaia and of the cape before you reach the beautiful fountain of Navenllos (42min) (40 m).

Higher up you enjoy the view over the cove to the village of Malpica. The walkway passes another fountain (52min) (50 m) and continues close to the coast line to a lookout spot (55min) (70 m) revealing the islands of Sisargas.

The walkway continues to the hermitage of San Hadrián and the sanctuary of San Adrian del Mar (58min) (75 m). From there you take an asphalt road to the left. At the junction, turn right (1h01min) (105 m).

Later you branch off right to a track (1h07min) (135 m). It turns into a path that goes to the cape of Santo Hadrián. In addition to the Sisargas islands you have a lovely sea view. The path turns into a track, which leads to the tip of the cape (1h23min) (20 m). From the cliffs you look out to the rocky coast line. The islands of Sisargas are now so close that you can see clearly the lighthouse of the largest island.

Return on the same way back to the harbour of Malpica (2h50min).

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