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Muxia - Playa de Lourido - Oruxo - Moraime - Os Muíños - Río Negro - Playa de Muíños - Playa de Espiñeirido - Muxia






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AC-552 to Berdoias turn on the AC-440 towards Muxia. Continue 13.8 km to a parking place on the right hand side of the road, which you find straight after arriving in Muxia, above the beach of Cruz. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h15min/16.5km

Walk from the parking place (10 m) along the beach boulevard past a harbour with small boats. When the boulevard ends (7min) (10 m), follow the sign for "Santuario de Barca" to the left. Next, turn right to the "Rua Virxe da Barca". At the corner of a cemetery, take the steps to the left (12min) (25 m) to the church yard.

From the left hand side of the church starts a paved alley, which you follow until you meet a sign for "Mirador de Corpiño" pointing to the left (17min) (35 m). Walk along the stone paved walkway to the lookout spot (22min) (65 m) to admire a view of the cape Vilán.

Return to the crossroads and continue downhill towards the sanctuary of the Virxe da Barca. When you reach the cape of Barxa (30min) (10 m), you encounter besides the sanctuary also a lighthouse, the stone of Cadrís and a stone pillar of the lookout spot of Jesus Quintanal. Return from the tip of the cape to stone pillar and take the stone paved walkway, which leads to the western part of Muxia (38min) (30 m). Follow the street "Ruta Atalaia", which joins an asphalt road by a small cove (44min) (10 m).

Follow this asphalt road to the corner of a football field, where you branch off right to a track (57min) (20 m). The track bends left by the shore and ascends back to the asphalt road (1h08min) (20 m). Walk on this road until a sign for "Praia de Lourido" guides you to the right to a track (1h13min) (20 m). On the beach of Lourido (1h19min) (5 m), you walk on the sand to the other end of the beach (1h27min) (5 m), where you turn left by a concrete building and an information panel. At this point, be careful not to continue right from the panel to a track leading towards the tip of the cape.

The track ascends to an asphalt road (1h39min) (80 m). Turn left. At the crossroads (1h50min) (55 m), go straight ahead. Directly after that you turn right uphill. Walking on a narrow asphalt road you see the village of Xurarantes on your right. At the next junction (2h) (80 m), turn left. Soon you reach the village of Oruxo, where you encounter traditional storage houses (2h04min) (75 m). When the road forks, go left uphill. Stay on this road without paying attention to the side roads.

You come to the village of As Casas Novas (2h11min) (80 m), where you take an asphalt road downhill. In a couple of minutes, you go right at a fork. Keep right without following the blue arrow to the left. You pass a fountain and come to the church of "Igrexa do Mosteiro de San Xiao de Moraime" with a cemetery (2h17min) (60 m). Soon after the church, you branch off right to a path, which leads over the AC-440 to a track. The track descends to the village of Ponte Vella (2h22min) (10 m), where you continue along an asphalt road to the right. At the crossroads, you go straight ahead (2h27min) (20 m).

When you come to the AC-440, turn left (2h41min) (35 m). Walk some 50 m and turn left following the sign for "Paseo Fluvial" through the village of Os Muiños. In the village you see several nice looking storage houses of traditional style. The signposts lead you along a narrow asphalt road down to the "Paseo Fluvial Río Negro" (3h01min) (10 m). Descend to the shore of the Negro river and follow the path made of planks to the left. By the river you encounter mills. First the river flows on your right, then on your left and after a small bridge right again. After the bridge, the path runs by the river to the beach of Muiños (3h14min) (5 m).

Walk along the beach until you meet a wooden bridge on your left. Cross the bridge over the brook Moraime (3h19min) (5 m) and continue along the path made of planks to an information panel, where you take an asphalt road to the left. Just before you enter the village of Ponte Vella, turn right uphill on a narrow asphalt road (3h27min) (10 m). The views of the villages of Camariñas and Merexo as well as of the cove of Merexo are nice.

At the junction (3h45min) (85 m), turn right. In a minute, you turn right again keeping on the right hand side of the village of Chorente. On your way, you see an old storage house. At the following junction, you go left (3h48min) (80 m). After that you turn right (3h50min) (80 m). When the road forks, keep left. When the pavement ends, you continue straight ahead along a track.

Later you branch off left to a path (3h59min) (50 m). On your left you see the village of Muxia. The path descends to the beach of Espiñeirido (4h05min) (5 m), where you cross an asphalt road and continue along a path made of planks to the beach of Cruz (4h12min) (5 m). Continue along the road to the right back to the parking place in Muxia (4h15min).

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