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Estuario del Río Anllóns
Ponteceso - Estuario del Río Anllóns - Punta de Balarés - Playa de Barra - Ponteceso






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AC-430 or AC-424 to Ponteceso, to the junction of these two roads by a bridge. At the junction is a building called "Casa Natal de Eduardo Pondal". Park by the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h23min/9.5km

From the bridge (5 m) starts a walkway, which follows the river Anllóns. When you reach the end of this walkway, turn left to a narrow path (4min) (5 m). Soon the path gets wider and goes through a small gate. Now you walk on a bank between the river and a marsh with nice views of the cove, sand dunes and the village of Cospindo.

Keep on the path by the river. Almost immediately after the path bends right, you branch off left (24min) (5 m). You cross a brook and come to an asphalt road (28min) (5 m). Turn left. The asphalt ends straight after that and you continue on a track. When the track forks (48 min) (5 m), go left. Looking left you see the island of Cagallóns. By the track, on the water front runs a lovely path along grassy tussocks. Vast sand dunes spread out on your right.

Later the track gets mixed with the sand. You walk along the beach towards the tip of Punta de Balarés. From the tip of the cape (1h20min) (5 m) you continue to its other side, to the spectacular beach of Barra. On your way to the other end of the beach you enjoy a view of the cove of Corme und Laxe.

Once you reach the end of the beach take the path to the right (1h36min) (5 m). If you want to avoid walking on the sand, you can take on of the paths running on the slope of the Branco mountain.

When you come to the already familiar track (1h50min) (5 m) return on the same way back to Ponteceso (2h23min).

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