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Santa Mariña
Santa Mariña - Cabo Veo - Ensenada de Trece - Cemiterio dos Ingleses - Santa Mariña






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AC-522 to Vimianzo, turn to the AC-433 and drive some 10 km to Ponte do Porto, where you turn right following the sign for "Camelle, Arou" to the DP-1601. Continue 3.6 km and turn left towards "Arou" to the DP-1602. Do not drive all the way to Arou, but turn at the next fork to the left following the sign for "Santa Mariña 4,5 km". At the next junction, turn right. Before the cemetary of Santa Mariña turn right following the sign for Santa Mariña. After 400 m you see a parking place on the right hand side of the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h38min/13.6km

Return from the parking place (140 m) along the asphalt road to the junction and turn right (8min) (165 m). At the next junction, by the cemetery, turn right (13min) (170 m). Walking on this unpaved road you pass wind mills and interesting rock formations.

Ignore tracks to the right and an asphalt road to the left and continue on the sand road to the lookout spot  (1h) (135 m). The road slopes down to a junction (1h16min) (105 m), where you turn right. The road runs above the beach of Trece going round the cove of Trece before it comes to an information panel presenting sand dunes and plants (1h23min) (110 m).

From now on, you see the beach of Trece as well as the capes of Trece and Veo. Do not pay attention to two tracks branching off left, but continue along the sand road, which descends towards the sea. When you encounter a sign for "Cemiterio dos Ingleses" pointing to the right (1h47min) (25 m), follow it to a track lined by interesting rock formations. Return from the cemetery (1h49min) on the same way back to Santa Mariña (3h38min).

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