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Peña del Perro

Prado Redondo - Peña del Perro - Peña del Tesoro - Prado Redondo





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Starting from Granada, drive on A-395 some 23 kilometres to the Visitors Centre of El Dornajo. By the centre fork left on the A-4025. Contunue some 3 kilometres until you see a large information panel with the text "Sierra Nevada Parque Natural" on the left hand side of the road. You find parking place by the panel. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h32min/8.5km

Take the track that starts by the panel (1875 m). Ignore the track that forks right uphill to the houses. Ignore also the path off to the left with a sign for G Sierra (13min) (1890 m), and keep ahead on the track. You walk through an impressive mountain landscape and cross a number of gorges.

When the track ends in Peña Perro (50min) (1870 m), bend left on a path with the sign for G Sierra. First the path is well signposted. Down in the valley you see the village of Güéjar Sierra. At the fork (1h15min) (1755 m), go right. The path descends steeply into a meadow where you see a giant tree (1h30min) (1645 m). After the tree the path is hardly visible. Continue obliquely uphill until you reach a grassy clearing. Do not cross the clearing, but follow its side to the left. Soon you see a track which leads to a plot on your right (1h40min) (1675 m). Follow this track to the right.

When you come to a sand road (1h50min) (1700 m), turn right. Go round the bar which closes the road (1h53min) (1680 m) and keep ahead until you see two concrete wheels in front of you. Some 50 meters before the wheels, branch off left on a path (2h04min) (1680 m).

The path crosses a track (2h09min) (1725 m) and bends left. You pass the ruins of a small storage house (2h13min) (1750 m) and start a steeper climb uphill, back to the track on which you started the route (2h24min) (1890 m). Turn right and return to the starting point of the route (2h32min).

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