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Tella - Canal del Cinca - Bielsa

Tella - Canal del Cinca - Bielsa





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-138 to the kilometer post K64 and turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Tella", "Ruta de las Ermitas", "Garganta de Escuaín" and "Miradores de Revilla". After 5.7 km you come to a fork. Continue to the right for "Tella" and "Ruta de las Ermitas". Drive 1.3 km more until you see a sign for "Dolmen de Tella" and a number of signpost a bit further on. The route starts by the signposts. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h47min/12.8km

Follow the sign for "Bielsa por Canal del Cinca" and white-yellow waymarks (1250 m). Walk few meters on the track and fork off right. In five minutes the waymark guides you to the left on a path (5min) (1220 m) that cuts the bend of the track. You cross the track to the path and come back to the track (11min) (1170 m). Turn right. The track leads through the pastures of the Plan d'Ugal and opens up a view to the mountain of Punta Llerga in front of you.

A sign for "Bielsa por Canal del Cinca"  and the waymarks guide you to the right on a path (20min) (1155 m) that starts to circle the sheer rock walls of the Cerro Zercuso. From now on the route stays almost at the same altitude. You walk in an oak forest and enjoy gorgeous views to the slopes covered by leafy forest. After two short and light tunnels (42min) (1145 m) you see the slopes of Llerga and Matair over the river valley of Cinca and the peaks of the Macizo de Cotiella.

The path turns into a concrete walkway laid on top of the canal (53min) (1140 m). In some places it is covered by moss and grass. If you make this excursion in the autumn colourful leaves cover the concrete. Maples with their red and yellow leaves glow in September and October.

In the gorge of Sarra you encounter signposts (1h04min) (1150 m). Follow the signs for "Salinas" and "Bielsa por el Canal" over the bridge to the right. Now the route has white-red waymarks. The views over the river valley get even better.

Soon a waymark guides you to the right on a path (1h07min) (1150 m) and almost at once you follow the sign for "Canal del Cinca" to the left. Now the route is again marked with white-yellow waymarks. You pass a couple of old canal buildings (1h24min) (1145 m). Tall rock pillars rise on your left. Looking behind you see the slopes and rock formations of Cerro Zercuso.

The path comes back to the concrete walkway (1h37min) (1150 m) and opens up superb mountain views. Again the waymarks guide you to the right on a path (1h50min) (1150 m). When you meet another path (1h52min) (1140 m), keep left. Down in the valley you see the river Cinca. In front of you rises the highest peak of Azirón, the Punta Fuesa, covered by snow already in October. On the other side of the valley the route is lined by impressive rock walls of the Sierra Maristán.

Again the route comes back to the concrete walkway (2h24min) (1155 m), but stays by the canal only few minutes, before returning to the path.

You enjoy fine views to the peak of Punta Suelsa and over the valley of Bielsa before you enter the third tunnel (2h44min) (1160 m). Also this one is short and light. The last part of the route has some difficult spots, but you can take support from the chain fastened to the rock wall. The oaks give way to pines, and between the trunks, you discern the village of Bielsa (3h24min) (1150 m). When you encounter signs (3h35min) (1150 m), descend to the right towards Bielsa.

From Bielsa (3h47min) (1010 m) you can take a taxi back to Tella. In 2007 it cost some 40 euros.

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