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Miradores de Revilla

Miradores de Revilla





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-138 to the kilometer post K64 and turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Tella", "Ruta de las Ermitas", "Garganta de Escuaín" and "Miradores de Revilla". After 5.7 km you come to a fork. Continue to the left following the sign for Revilla. Drive 6.3 km more until you see a sign for "Miradores" on the left hand side of the road, some 300 meters from the village of Revilla. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h34min/5km

Take the path that starts by the Miradores sign (1210 m). Soon the path forks (3min) (1210 m). Go left downhill. You walk through a leafy forest. After crossing a bridge (5min) (1200 m) you have a nice view over the canyon of Escuaín. Fine rock walls line the route on your right. When you encounter a sign for "Ermita de San Lorenzo", visit the ruins of a hermitage that once formed part of the rock wall.  

Almost immediately after the sign, you reach the first lookout spot (16min) (1230 m). Deep in the canyon flows the river Yaga, and the mountain of Castillo Major crowns the slopes cloaked by green forest. Looking left you see the peaks of Cotiella.

Ignore the path that forks off right for "Revilla" (26min) (1265 m). Later on you will return to this spot. From the second lookout spot (29min) (1245 m), you discern a number of waterfalls on the bed of the canyon. Sierra de Revilla dominates the mountain landscape above the gorge of Angonés.

The path curves left and leads to the third lookout spot (30min) (1240 m). On your left rise the peaks of Cotiella. From this spot you have an extensive view to the canyon, both to the right and to the left.

Return to the spot, where a sign on your left points to Revilla (34min) (1265 m). The path ascends to the top of La Loresa (45min) (1340 m) where the going gets easier. The views into the canyon and to the mountains are superb.

You walk on the bedrock and come to a small clearing (53min) (1370 m). Bend right and follow the stone piles. You meet another path (58min) (1375 m) and encounter a sign for "Revilla" that guides you to the right. You walk still on the bedrock. In front of you rises the Punta Llerga. Slopes of the Sierra de Revilla line the route on your left. Soon after crossing a bridge (1h04min) (1350 m) you enjoy views over the valley of Cinca.

Ignore a path that branches off left for "Consusa Superior " (1h20min) (1280 m) and descend to the village of Revilla (1h27min) (1225 m). Walk through this tiny village to the asphalt road (1h30min) (1225 m) and continue back to the beginning of the route (1h34min).

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