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Pla de la Casa

Facheca - Barranco del Moro - Cueva de Bernat - Plana de la Casa - Collado de Borrell - Fuente Roja - Barranco de Hondo - Facheca





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on CV-720 to Facheca. You see an information board on the walking routes by this road. (Roadmap of Comtat)

Distance: 3h15min/9.5 km


Start the walk by the information board on the walking routes of the Seta valley (765 m) by undercrossing the CV-720. The walkway (Cami dels Figuerals) passes the Espirit Sant fountain (Font de l'Espirit Sant) and comes to a signposted crossroads (3min) (750 m). Turn right for Pla de la Casa.

When the track forks, go left (7min) (775 m). After the fork, ignore tracks that go to the orchards on your left.

The track peters out into a path that starts ascending along the gorge of  Moro (Barranco de Moro). Ignore paths that go downhill.

Keep an eye on the rock wall on your right. Soon after you see the Bernat cave (Cova de Bernat), you find a path to it (32min) (960 m). This cave served as a shed for sheep and goat. It takes some ten minutes to visit the cave.

The path comes to a small clearing with a hut and a water tap (37min) (1000 m). Take the path uphill to the right from the hut. Soon you see the sea and the mountains of Ponoch and Aitana with the antennas on your left.

When you encounter the sign for Pla de la Casa (1h05min) (1230 m), turn right. Further up, the path becomes quite steep.

The Pla de la Casa (1h15min) (1340 m) is a wide plain surrounded by top parts of the Serrella mountain, and, covered by colorful tussocks, if you visit it in the spring time. You find also the ruins of an ice house. In the old days, these deep round buildings served as ice storages. Flocks of sheep like to take refuge in the coolness of  the plain and its rock walls.

It is worth climbing to the highest point of the mountain (1379 m), which opens up fantastic views over the valleys and peaks in east, north and west. The most prominent tops are the eastern peaks Malla del Llop and Pico de Serrella of the Sierra de Serrella, Montgo, Safor, Monduber, Benicadell and Montcabrer. The Valley of Guadalest in the South is lined by Aitana. Visiting the top takes some fifteen minutes.

Continue southwest on the path that runs in the plain for some ten minutes, and then starts descending along the slope of the Borrell to a signposted track (1h50) (1170 m). Turn right for Quatretondeta.

When this track curves sharply left, turn right downhill on a narrower track (1h57min) (1175 m), which takes you to the Roja fountain (Font Roja) (2h01min) (1100 m). By the fountain you find a number of signs. Take the path for Facheca, which first crosses the Hondo Barranco and then starts to follow its right hand side. Do not go on the paths that stay on the left hand side of the gorge.

The narrow path leaves the Barranco de Hondo, and starts sweeping westward. Follow the white-yellow waymarks, which lead you sharp left downhill (2h11min) (1080 m). If you miss this turn, you soon encounter a white-yellow cross on a boulder.

The path comes to a well (2h16min) (1030 m), where it forks. Take the right fork. The left fork takes you only to a lookout point. From these northwestern slopes of Serrella you have views over the villages of the Valley of Seta bordered by Alfaro in the east and Almudaina in the northwest, including Quatretondeta, Benimassot and Facheca. After crossing a couple of gorges, you descend to an asphalt road (2h56min) (840 m), which goes downhill to a T-junction (3h11min) (765 m). Turn right, and, when you come to the CV-720 (3h12min), turn right again, and return to the information board in Facheca (3h16min).

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