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Circuit of Puig Campana

Circuit of Puig Campana





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-758 to Finestrat. In the town center, the CV-7672 turns to the north. Drive on this road 900 meters to the Moli fountain (Font del Moli), which you see on the right hand side of the road. Park just beyond the fountain where you find a large parking area. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 3h45min/12km

Start by walking from the Moli fountain on the CV-7672 downhill back the way you came from. Turn left on the first asphalt road you come to after leaving the fountain (3min) (340 m). Ignore all roads that fork to the left. When the road joins another asphalt road, turn right downhill (18min) (355 m).

Some 100 meters from the junction you see on your left an ascending track and a ruined house by the side of the track. Walk some 30 meters on the track, and, just before the ruins (20min) (355 m), turn left on a path with red waymarks that leads into a pine forest.

Between Puig Campana and Cortina, the path rises gently to a track (32min) (400 m), which you cross, and continue on the path that runs on the opposite side. Little by little a lovely sea view spreads out on your right. When the path forks, keep left (50min) (490 m). Soon after the fork, you see a sand road below. The path curves left revealing the mountain of Helada and the town of Benidorm in the east. When the sand road below you ends, fork left on a quite wide path that goes towards Puig Campana (54min) (530 m). Stay on this gradually southwards curving path until a path with white-yellow waymarks forks right uphill (1h15min) (590 m). Turn on this path. From now on, keep left and follow the white-yellow waymarks.

As the path keeps circling to the northern side of Puig Campana, the Ifach monolith, the Bernia mountain range and Ponoch arise in front of you. On your left you have the spectacular rock formations of Puig Campana.

At the Solsida fountain (2h15min) (930 m), you find a sign for Moli fountain.You cannot get drinking water from the fountain, but the reddish perpendicular rock wall makes it a beautiful picknick spot.

The path keeps ascending still for a while before it descends to a track (2h25min) (915 m). Turn right downhill, and soon you come to a small clearing with tracks and paths to five different directions (2h28min) (880 m). Take the track westwards, signposted to Moli fountain. The track narrows and forks (2h40min) (805 m). Continue right downhill to a path with a small hut. The path opens up views to Aitana, Monte Castellet and the rock walls of Puig Campana.

You walk by an impressive rock wall and come to Volador, where you find another signpost to Moli fountain (3h05min) (617 m). When the path forks, go left (3h25min) (485 m). Now you see the southern walls of Puig Campana. The path crosses a track (3h35min) (415 m), and descends to an asphalt road (3h40min) (385 m). Turn left on this road, which takes you back to Moli fountain (3h45min).

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