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Fleix - Fuente Grossa - Fuente de Benimaurell - Fuente dels Olbis - Barranco dels Racons - Juvees del Poble de Dalt - Barranco del Infierno - Fuente dels Reinos - Juvees del Poble d'Enmig - Barranco del Infierno - Fleix





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on CV-715 towards Orba. By Orba turn on CV-718 signposted to La Vall de Laguar. This road joins the CV-721 that goes to Fleix. Drive through Fleix to its western side, where you find a parking place in front of a school. (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 4h05min/14km

Walk some sixty meters on the CV-721 towards Benimaurell, and turn right (445 m) on a narrower asphalt road. After the Grossa fountain (Font Grossa) (3min), you see the Moorish steps on the opposite side of the gorge (Barranc de l’Infern) on your right, and Benimaurell in front of you.  Cherry trees are accompanied by almond trees before you reach the Benimaurell fountain (Font de Benimaurell) (15min).

The route continues through the northern side of Benimaurell and curves to the southwest. Soon after the Olbis fountain (Font d’els Olbis) (35 min) (580 m), a path, signposted to Juvees de Dalt, forks to the right. Climbing down stone steps you can enjoy suberb views over the surrounding hills and terraces all the way to the sea. The rock walls on the sides of the path are a mixture of white and black.

When you come to signposts (1h05min) (420 m) keep going straight ahead to Juvees de Dalt. The path descends to Barranc de Racons (1h10min) (380 m). Turn right heading east. Follow the bed some 20 meters and climb to the opposite side. Views to the sea open up in front of you. In Juvees del Poble de Dalt the path comes to a sand road by a well (1h35min) (495 m). Turn right, and after some two hundred meters - before a group of houses - fork left to a descending path. When you reach the bed of Barranc de Infern, turn right and walk some 50 meters on white rocks before ascending to a path marked with white-yellow waymark on your left.

This path takes you first to Reinos fountain (Font dels Reinos) (2h15min) (345 m) and then to a ridge. Here the path, surrounded by groves, flowers and summits, heads northeast. When the path meets a sand road (2h40min) (500 m), turn right. Some hundred meters further you come to an asphalt road. Again, turn right.

The road starts to slope down lined by cherry trees. Just before the road comes to a house fork left on a path (2h50min) (470 m). The path goes first on a ditch bank, and then turns into stone steps. The views encompass first the reddish Montgo mountain and the saddle like Cavall Vert, and, when the path bends sharp to the west, a steep gorge on your left, magnificent walls on your right and Barranc d'Infern in front of you. On the opposite slope you see the Moorish steps.

Reaching the barranc (3h25min) (180 m) you encounter signposts. Do not turn right to Santa Cova, nor left to Presa Isbert, but cross the barranc, and start climbing the stone steps. Soon a cascade starts glistering against a black wall. By the cascade (3h35min), cross the water which keeps rushing further down.

The steps lead you through a round opening in the wall (3h45min), and end to Grossa fountain (4h). Turn left and return to the school. (4h05min).

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