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Ruta de Castaņoso
Castaņoso - Capilla de Santiago - Molino de Penallo - Castro de Castaņoso - Castaņoso






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LU-701 to Fonsagrada and continue along this road through the village. The road turns into LU-530. Turn right between the kilomter posts 54 and 55 to a road signposted to Castaņoso. After driving 10 km through Xestoso de Riba to Pacios the road forks by the corner of a cemetery. Keep left and continue 2,6 km to another fork, where you encounter a large information panel presenting the route "Ruta de Castaņoso".  (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h30min/7.5km

Take the left branch (785 m) to an asphalt road lined by stone buildings and hills. At the crossroads (6min) (765 m), go straight ahead. Right after that, you keep left. At the next fork (9min) (755 m), go right. The road narrows into a path that comes to a church (11min) (750 m). Continue to the left. The path leads to a track (14min) (750 m). Turn right. At the next junction (15min) (750 m), turn left.

Walking on the track, you enjoy nice views of the hills and Fonsagrada on your right. Later the track descends steeply to a forest. When you come to a clearing surrounded by old trees (40min) (540 m) bend left to a path. By the chapel of Santiago, you encounter an information panel (43min) (540 m). Take the path to the right. This beautiful path slopes down over a bridge to the mill of Penallo (50min) (500 m) with a waterfall forming a large pool.

Return from the mill back to the information panel by the chapel (57min) (540 m) and continue straight ahead, uphill to a track, which turns into a path. By the next information panel (1h02min) (575 m), you branch off right. When the path comes to a junction (1h11min) (590 m), go right to visit ruins from the Celtic era. Soon this path starts to descend steeply (1h15min) (575 m). After the first building (1h23min) (525 m), you can hear the rush of rivers on both sides of the isthmus. You pass another large house ruin (1h27min) (505 m), before the path disappears in the blueberry bushes by a small house ruin (1h33min) (475 m).

Return back to the junction (1h55min) (590 m) and continue straight ahead. The path runs between ferns and nettles, before it joins another path and ascends to a track (2h21min) (750 m). Turn left. You come to a familiar junction and return back to the beginning of the route (2h30min).

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