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Ruta de Chaila
Puente de Vilarín - Río Suarna - Molino de Chaila - Vilarín - Puente de Vilarín






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LU-701 to Fonsagrada, where you follow the sign for "Ruta Muin de Chaila" to the LU-721. Continue on this road 8.5 km until you see a sign for "Ruta de Chaila" on your left between the kilometre posts 8 and 9.  (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h02min/3.8km

Follow the sign "Ruta de Chaila" to a track (370 m), which follows the river Suarna on your left. When this river crosses the track (3min) (370 m), take the bridge on your right to a mill. The track bends left. Next you follow a yellow arrow to the right (5min) (385 m).

Walking in a forest, ignore a track that branches off left (9min) (415 m). When the track forks (10min) (420 m), follow an arrow to the right. You hear rush of the river on your right. Later you go past a path, which descends to the right. It is your return route (16min) (405 m). Walk to the end of the track (20min) (405 m). Looking down you see a waterfall and a the mill of Chaila.

Return along the track until you meet the path to the left (24min) (405 m). The river flows close to the path on your left. After crossing a bridge (29min) (380 m), you continue on a track lined by giant trees. Looking right, you see the village of San Martín de Suarna. When you come to a fork (38min) (430 m), go right.

Later a stone wall starts to border the track, which leads to the fountain in the village of Vilarin (44min) (480 m). Continue through the village. Soon after the village, you branch off right to a track (48min) (480 m), which bends right.

You go by corn fields and come to a fork (53min) (440 m). Follow a white-yellow waymark to the left. When you reach the LU-721 (1h01min) (370 m) turn right to the beginning of the route (1h02min).

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