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Forno do bolo
Aldea de Queixoiro - Rego de Noceda - Rego de Queixoiro - Cascadas de Queixoiro - Aldea de Queixoiro






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LU-701 from Fonsagrada to the northeast a good 2 km, until a sign for "Ruta Forno do Bolo" guides you to the left between the kilometre posts 2 and 3. Continue 3.4 km to a bridge. There is parking space on the right hand side of this bridge.  (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h20min/5.5km

Walk from the bridge (675 m) on the asphalt road to the village of Queixoiro (4min) (690 m), where a sign for "A Seimeras" guides you to the left by a small chapel. Lined by apple trees, the track leads to a fork (8min) (690 m), where you follow the sign for "Ruta Forno do Bolo" to the right.

At the next fork (15min) (665 m), you go left. The track opens up nice views of the slopes of Ganseiro. Later the track turns into stone steps and then into a path (27min) (575 m), which descends to the river Noceda. Follow the path by the river to the left.

Lined by old trees, the route continues across two bridges from the river Noceda to the river Queixoiro (36min) (560 m). The path turns into a track (43min) (565 m). In a couple of minutes, you branch off right to a downhill path (45min) (580 m).

By the first of the Queixoiro's waterfalls you encounter a large pool (47min) (570 m). Next to the waterfall, you see stone steps. Take these steps to a path that leads to the next waterfall (56min) (595 m). Higher up you see the waterfall in its full length.

The path ascends to a track (1h01min) (625 m), on which you continue to the right. You walk through a forest to a already familiar fork (1h12min) (690 m), and return back to the beginning of the route (1h20min).

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