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Fontilles - Fuente del Gel - Campell - Fuente de Isbert - Fontilles





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-715 towards Orba. By Orba turn to "La Vall de Laguar" on CV-718. This road joins the CV-721, which leads to the Fontilles junction. Turn left on the CV-7210 towards Fontilles, and drive on this road some 200 meters.On the left side of the road you see a parking place and wooden signs. (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 1h10min/4km

Start by crossing the road (255 m) to the path with a white-yellow waymark. The path ascends to a paved road (5min) (310 m). Turn left and look for a track that forks to the right. Take this track and then fork to a path on your left (8min) (330 m). When you come to a narrow asphalt road (15min) (390 m), turn right. On the left hand side of the road you find the Gel fountain (Font del Gel) (18min) (380 m). Some 60 meters from the fountain, you see a sign for Campell on your right. Take this descending narrow road.

This point offers an alternative route to Cavall Vert, if you take the steps on your left. When the path forks after some five minutes go right. Two minutes later, cross a track. A couple of steps further, go left, and immediately after that take the asphalt road right uphill. At the next fork, some five minutes later, keep left. In three minutes, you see a house on your right. By the house, you meet an asphalt road. Go right uphill. The road bends sharply left. Find a white-yellow waymark on the right hand side, and take the path uphill. The path crosses an asphalt road, and comes to another asphalt road. Turn left. Walk some 100 metres and turn right to a concrete way uphill. Again walk some five minutes and turn left to a path, right before the concrete way ends. In ten minutes, cross a track and keep on the ascending path that takes you to the Penya Roig within another ten minutes.

The road to Campell passes first the camping site of the Laguart valley, then the Campell fountain (Font de Campell) and washing house (28min) (355 m); comes to an information board about the walking routes (30min), and continues to the church. By the church, the road forks. Take the left fork. Soon you see a sign for Tunel d'Isbert on the left side of the road (35min) (345 m). Start descending on the path towards the Isbert tunnel. In front of you opens a view to the Denia valley and Segária mountain.

When the path meets a track (40min) (270 m), go left. Do not continue on the path. When the track forks, go left again, and some thirty meters further, fork to a path on your right. Walk some fifteen meters, and turn right to the direction pointed by a red arrow (43min) (255 m). Do not follow the white-yellow waymark, which would lead you left downhill.

If you follow the white-yellow waymarks to the Isbert tunnel, you have to trespass a private property. You can avoid the trespassing by goint to the Isbert dam without entering the tunnel, but then you have to walk back the same way, or negociate an alternative route by following the narrow roads that criss-cross the valley. On your way to Isbert dam, follow the path some five minutes, fork left on a track, and keep left some five minutes until you come to a sandroad with the sign for the tunnel. The sign points to the left where you see a white house. The track goes by the left wall of the house, but the owner dislikes the trespassing. Therefore ignore the sign for the tunnel, and turn right. Walk some hundred meters and fork left for the Isbert dam (Presa d'Isber). In five minutes, the path comes to a track. Cross the track. After descending some 20 meters by a creek, which might be without water, you find the path again. In some five minutes, you reach the bed of the Gorge of Inferno (Barranc d'Infern). You might get your feet wet in the puddles. Cross it to a track, walk some ten minutes to the left and fork on a path that leads back to the barranc bed. Turn left and keep walking on the bed to the Isbert dam, which you reach in ten minutes.

The path with the red arrow leads to a house by a fountain (Font d'Isber) where it turns into a concrete walkway that goes to the CV-721. (50min) (280 m). Turn left, walk some ten meters and climb to a path with a white-yellow waymark on your right. On the other side of the Gorge of Hortes (Barranco de las Hortes) you see the sanatorium of Saint Francisco de Borja (Sanatorio San Francisco de Borja). The path descends to a creek (1h05min) (235 m), crosses it, and ascends to the parking place on the CV-7210 (1h10min).

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