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Nature park of Fuentes de Carrionas

Cardaño de Arriba - Lago de las Lomas - Agujas de Cardaño - Alto de las Fuentes Carrionas - Mojón de Tres Provincias - Peña Prieta - Cardaño de Arriba





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CL-627 to Cervera de Pisuerga, where you turn to the P-210 signposted to "Ruta de los Pantanos". After 34 km, you turn to P-217 signposted to Cardaño de Arriba between the kilometre posts 33 and 34. Less than 5 km further, you arrive in the village of Cardaño de Arriba. At the village entrance you find a large parking place and an information panel on a walking route.(Roadmap)

Distance: 7h15min/17.8km

From the parking place (1420 m) starts a gently ascending track. Soon a wooden arrow guides you uphill to the left. On your right, flows the brook Las Lomas. Later, you follow an arrow to the right, to a path (12min) (1450 m). You pass a waterfall and cross the brook of Valcave along a bridge (15min) (1460 m). When you come to a track (27min) (1480 m), turn left. Ignore the bridge over the brook of Las Lomas on your right, and continue along the track straight ahead.

You follow a sign for "Lago de las Lomas" pointing straight ahead (40min) (1560 m). Soon you see obliquely forward the rock pillars of Agujas de Cardaño. When the track forks (55min) (1630 m), follow an arrow vto the right. Shortly after, you cross the bridge over the brook of Las Lomas (57min) (1640 m) and take a path to the left. Pay attention that you do not continue along the track to the right.

The wide path ascends steeply through grassy fields to the plain of Tio Celestino, where an arrow guides you to the right (1h34min) (1910 m). Looking ahead you see the Agujas de Cardaño. The path crosses a brook and comes to the pass of Tio Celestino (1h56min) (2060 m). Follow the wooden pole to the left along the crest. After a while, the beautiful brook of Manantial de Las Lomas starts to flow on your right and the lake of Las Lomas turns up in front of you. Some two minutes before you reach the lake (2h03min) (2060 m), a clear path with stone piles forks off right. After visiting the lake, take this path uphill (2h05min) (2080 m). You pass a tiny lake with the Pico de Las Lomas on its background (2h15min) (2125 m) and enjoy further up a nice view over the lakes of the Pozo de las Lomas behind you. The path towards the Agujas de Cardaño is very steep. During the climb you need to use your hands. The path takes you between the rock pillars to the plain of Alto de las Fuentes Carrionas (2h40min) (2375 m) with a great view to the Peña Espigüete.

Continue along the crest to the north. Soon you find a clear path, which ascends towards the top of Mojón de Tres Provincias. Further up, you look down to the lakes of Fuentes Carrionas and to Peña Prieta on the right hand side of the Mojón de Tres Provincias. Follow the stone piles, which guide you to the left at a fork (2h52min) (2440 m). The path becomes steeper and leads in zig-zag to the top of Mojón de Tres Provincias (3h) (2500 m). The views to the three provinces of Cantabria, Leon and Palencia are magnificent. Looking down you see the lakes of Altares. The rest of the route, all the way to the top of Peña Prieta is visible from the Mojón de Tres Provincias. First the path descends to the pass between these two mountains (3h10min) (2445 m) and ascends then along the west slope of Peña Prieta to its crest (3h27min) (2530 m), where you turn left to its highest peak (3h29min) (2540 m). From there you see the crest of Alto de Cubil del Can, the mountain of Curavacas and the Picos de Europa.

Return back to the Mojón de Tres Provincias (3h55min) and descend to a fork (4h10min) (2420 m), where you go left towards a mountain. First the path slopes downhill, but starts then to ascend. Follow the stone piles to the right hand slope of the mountain. Looking down you see the lake of Fuentes Carrionas.

When the path forks (4h45min) (2370 m), keep right. You walk straight ahead for a while, before the steep zig-zag downhill begins (4h50min) (2335 m). Below you see the lake of Las Lomas. When the zig-zag ends (5h25min) (2100 m), continue along the path over the brook of Lomas (5h32min) (2060 m) and ascend a couple of meters to a pole, where you turn left. Return along the familiar route back to Cardaño de Arriba (7h15min).

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