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Las Tuerces

Villaescusa de las Torres - Las Tuerces - Castillo de Gama - Gama - Villaescusa de las Torres





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the N-611 turn to Valoria de Aguilar between the kilometre posts 103 and 104. Continue from Valoria de Aguilar some 2 km to Villaescusa de las Torres. At the village entrance you encounter large information panels on the rock formations of Las Tuerces. By the panels is a parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h27min/16.8km

Walk from the parking place (885 m) ahead to the church, where you fork off right. After crossing a bridge, keep left without paying attention to roads branching off right. When you find an information panel on the right hand side of a sand road follow an arrow to the right to a path (10min) (915 m), which ascends to the slope of Las Tuerces. The path bends right above the village and passes a number of information panels.

Once you have reached the plain of Las Tuerces (22 min) (1030 m) follow the arrows towards the first, mushroom like rock formations. From these formations, the path curves left, behind them, and descends through a hole in the rock wall (26min) (1050 m). After the descent, you turn right. The path goes on between rocks of various forms.

The gently ascending path comes to table like boulder (32min) (1075 m), and continues to the left, gently downhill, towards a rock reaching out for the valley. The path goes round it and continues on the verge of the precipice opening up nice views down to the valley. You come to a peg like rock on your right with a table like formation on its left hand side (40min) (1065 m). Between these two opens up a nice view to the Camesa river.

From these rocks, you turn left uphill, and walk along the bedrock approximately one minute to the highest point of Las Tuerces (1075 m), where you turn right. Soon you can discern a track further ahead. A narrow path goes towards this track. At the forks, keep left. Once you have reached this track (45min) (1065 m), turn right. At this point you find the most magnificent mushroom of Las Tuerces. Walking towards the southeast end of the Las Tuerces, keep on the main track, which bends left (49min) (1065 m). After this bend, you ignore all side tracks to the left and continue along the main track to the edge of the forest, where you turn right at a junction (53min) (1070 m).

First the wide track is lined by pine forest on your left and by bushes on your right. Later, pines border the track on both sides (1h25min) (1030 m). Ignore all side tracks until the main track emerges from the forest and ascends to a rocky table, where it forks (1h48min) (1060 m). Before you continue left uphill, take a look to the valley of Valseca on your right. The track curves left along the crest.

When the track divides into three (1h58min) (1080 m), descend to the right to the fortress and hermitage of Gama (Castillo-ermita de Gama) (2h08min) (1065 m). The fortress is in ruins, but the hermitage in a good condition. Take the path to the right hand side of the buildings, down the steps to the door of the hermitage. By the door, you turn right, through an arch to a path. The first couple of meters, the path is steep and difficult, but becomes then wide and easy to walk. Snaking its way to Gama, the path comes to a track (2h25min) (955 m). Turn right to an asphalt road with a fountain. Take the asphalt road to the left and keep left by the church of San Andrés. This peaceful country road takes you through fields of corn.

After some 2 km you pass a couple of abandoned houses on your right. Straight after these houses, you branch off to the left to a track (2h55min) (900 m). The track ascends to a pass (3h01min) (925 m), where you keep on the main track straight ahead to another pass (3h11min) (935 m). Soon after starting the descent, you see Villaescusa de las Torresin on your right. Walking through the village on its right side, you can admire the rocks on your left. Later, you branch off left, to the familiar road (3h22min) (900 m) and return to the parking place (3h27min).

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