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Collado la Espina

Puerto de Piedrasluengas - Collado de Sobrepenas - Collado la Espina - Peña Ciquera - Puerto de Piedrasluengas





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CL-627 to Puerto de Piedrasluengas between the kilometre posts 27 and 28, where you find a large paring place by the lookout balcony. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h40min /10km

From the lookout spot (1350 m) you see the Peña Ciquera, the goal of your excursion. In the northeast rises the Peña Sagra and in the north the Picos de Europa.

From the lookout spot you walk some 100 meters along the CL-627 to the south towards the village of Piedrasluengas and turn right to a track. In a couple of minutes you go through a gate. The track leads through a beech forest to a small pass (12min) (1410 m). Looking behind you see the rock wall of Peña Labra. On your right stretches out the crest of Peña Sagra.

After crossing the pass, the track runs through a rolling landscape first to the pass of Sobrepenas (Collado de Sobrepenas) (30min) (1450 m) and then to the pass of Espina (Collado la Espina)  opening up a great view to the mountains of Palencia.

The track goes through the plain of Espina, where you encounter herds of horses, and descends to a beech forest. In the next plain (50min) (1420 m), you see Peña Ciquera in front of you. After passing a cottage on the right hand side of the plain, the track bends left. From this point starts the ascent to the pass of Ciquera (1h05min) (1525 m), where an arrow points right to the grassy slope of Ciquera, where you find a narrow path leading to the crest of Ciquera (1h20min) (1600 m). From the crest opens up a view to the Picos de Europa and other Cantabrian Mountains as well as to the pass of Vistrio.

Return on the same way back to the Puerto de Piedrasluengas (2h40min).

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