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 Peña Labra

Puerto de Piedrasluengas - Peña Labra - Puerto de Piedrasluengas





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CL-627 to Puerto de Piedrasluengas between the kilometre posts 27 and 28, where you find a large paring place by the lookout balcony. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h30min/9km

From the lookout spot of the Puerto de Piedrasluengas (1350 m) you see the sheer rock wall of Peña Labra and the TV-antenna, which is the first stage of this route. From the parking place, you cross the road to a track, which bends right, uphill towards the antenna.

When the track ends by the boulders on your left (7min) (1390 m), take the grassy path, which bends left by the boulders in a couple of minutes. The boulders are now on your right. From the upper part of the grassy field you find a path that goes right. It takes you through bushes to another grassy field. Some ten meters higher you find a path running uphill.

Later, looking down into the valley on your right, you see the village of Piedrasluengas and a track with the Peña Abismo on the background. The path curves left and ascends lined by a rock wall to the right hand side of the antenna (42min) (1565 m). From this point you enjoy an extensive view of the Cantabrian Mountains. On your right rises the Peña Abismo. Continue along a clear path to the right. It takes you to a wide grazing ground. When you come to a watering hole (55min) (1645 m), be careful, that you branch off left towards a big boulder with a pile of stones on top of it. From now on you follow the stone piles. The path keeps ascending through bushes, between boulders towards the black rock wall of Peña Labra. The path is quite easy to follow, but if you lose it in the bush, make for the right side of the rock wall. After crossing a small pasture, you keep ascending along the path lined by boulders.

When you have almost reached the wall, you encounter another path (1h40min) (1950 m). Follow it to the right. Also this path is marked with stone piles. At the fork (2h) (1955 m), you go left, slightly uphill towards the crest of Peña Labra. The path crosses a low stone wall (2h04min) (1970 m) and continues along the crest to the left. You pass a pretty spot with stone seats (2h09min) (2000 m) and a cross. From the the top of Peña Labra marked with a concrete pole (2h17min) (2030 m), you look to the Picos de Europa and other Cantabrian Mountains. The crest continues to the southeast, where you see the top of Pico Tres Mares.

Return on the same way back to the Puerto de Piedrasluengas (4h30min).

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