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Serra la Creu

Genovés - Senda Serra la Creu - Senda de la Andalusa - Barranco del Llop - Pino Grande - Genovés





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CV-610 to Genovés. Find the outermost street running from northeast to southwest on the eastern side of Genovés. (Roadmap of Costera)

Distance: 1h40min/6km

Follow the street to the southwestern end, and turn left (140 m). You are heading to a large water tank in front of you. Before the tank you encounter a sign for the path of Serra la Creu (Senda Serra la Creu). Walk past the tank, and curve right to an ascending path (7min) (180 m). Do not take the other path, which is closer to the tank. If you can soon see the white-yellow waymarks, you are on the right path.

When you reach signs pointing left to the Mirador and right to the Andalusa path (30min) (365 m), visit first the lookout spot (Mirador) and then take the Andalusa path. From the Mirador (395m) you hava splendid views over the valley with the villages of Genovés and Xativa.

Before the path descends to a track (47min) (345 m), it forks. Take the left fork, if you do not want to walk through a beekeeping area.

Turn the track right uphill to the signposts (48min) (355 m). Here you meet the Serra la Creu path. Go right for some 20 metres and take the path left downhill along the Barranc del Llop. Do not follow the track all the way to Cantera.

When the path comes to a track (1h15min) (205 m), go sharp right uphill to "Pino Grande", which is the shortest way back to Genovés. Be sure not to take the track which first dips down a little bit and runs almost parallel to the uphill track.

There is also a sign to the left for Penya Blanca path. Going left would offer you two alternative routes. One goes back to Genovés via the Alboy fountain, but from the fountain you have to walk some 2.5 kilometers on an asphalt road. The other climbs away from Genovés to a small chapel (Ermita de la Solana), which, however, is private and surrounded by a fence.

Soon the track starts to descend and comes to an asphalt road (1h20min) (180 m). Turn right, ignore all side roads, and walk to the southern side of Genovés (1h35min). From here it takes less than five minutes to walk back to the starting point.

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