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Sendero Llanos del Campo

Sendero Llanos del Campo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-372 to the recreation area of Llanos del Campo by the kilometre post K37. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h44min/6.5km

Walk through the gate in the parking place of Llanos del Campo (635 m). You see an information panel "Sendero del Tesorillo" on the slope. By the panel you go through another gate (2min) (645 m) and continue along a path uphill to the left into a cork tree forest. After passing ruins of a house (8min) (685 m) fork up right on a wide path (10min) (690 m). The path becomes less clear and bends right (17min) (730 m) to another path (18min) (735 m). Turn left. You come to the A-372 (28min) (770 m) and cross it to a track behind a wide iron gate.

Walking along this charming track you probably meet agile looking bulls. The view over the valley opens up first on your right and then in front of you. When the track forks (44min) (790 m), go right. Looking east you see the Puerto del Boyar. The track ends by a cattle house (50min) (770 m), where you fork off left downhill on a path. Keep right at the forks, on the right hand side of the gorge. At the junction (1h04min) (710 m), turn left downhill. In a couple of minutes the path forks (1h07min) (690 m). Do not continue down left, but follow a group of paths up to the right. Soon the paths join together, and you walk on a wide path that stays at the same level for a while.

You cross a grassy clearing (1h19min) (645 m). Later you see a gorge and the mountain of Albarracin in front of you (1h25min) (685 m). Descend along the path to the gorge and keep on its right side. You emerge in a large grassy plain, where the path bends right (1h34min) (625 m). Looking left you see a track. Wooden poles guide you to this track (1h36min) (625 m), which you follow to the right.

When the track forks (1h42min) (645 m), go right, and fork off right on a path almost immediately. The path comes to the A-372. Cross the road to the recreation area (1h44min).

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