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Montejaque - Ronda - BenaojŠn - Montejaque

Montejaque - Ronda - BenaojŠn - Montejaque





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the MA-8403 from north to south you come to Montejaque, where you follow the sign for BenaojŠn to the MA-8402. About 350 meters east from Montejaque the road bends sharp right and you see a small wooden sign for "Ronda" pointing to the left. Drive on this narrow road to the cemetery (Cementerio municipal) where you find a large parking area. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h55min/11km

Continue from the cemetery (655 m) along the concrete road lined by almond trees. The road bends right and becomes a paved track that starts to zigzag uphill opening up a view to Montejaque and the Sierra de Montalate. 

When you reach a chapel (10min) (745 m), curve left to a path that leads through fields to a track by a group of cattle houses (16min) (745 m). Soon you see the valley and town of Ronda below. When the gently descending track forks by a group of houses (27min) (615 m), keep right. Ignore a private track (Camino privado) branching off right (35min) (580 m) and a track marked with a tick branching off left (53min) (530 m).

The track leads to a railway (1h01min) (475 m), and turn right to the "Camino Viejo de Ronda" that follows the railway. Ignore a track that forks off right (1h14min) (465 m). The track turns into a path (1h32min) (465 m) leading towards the Puerto Ronda. Down in the valley you see the river of Guadiaro. On the Puerto Ronda (2h07min) (635 m) you encounter a track. Turn left downhill towards BenaojŠn.

When you come to a sand road (2h20min) (500 m), turn left. The road takes you to the MA-8402 (2h27min) (520 m). Turn right and return to the beginning of the route (2h55min).

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