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Grazalema (Camping Tajo Rodillo) - Llano del Endrinal - Puerto de las Presillas - Puerto del Boyar - Camping Tajo Rodillo

Grazalema (Camping Tajo Rodillo) - Llano del Endrinal - Puerto de las Presillas - Puerto del Boyar - Camping Tajo Rodillo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-372 to the parking place of the "Camping Tajo Rodillo" by the kilometre post K47 on the westside of Grazalema. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h20min/6.7km

Take the ascending path that starts from the parking place (915 m). You walk through a gate (4min) (930 m) and come to a fork, where a white arrow guides you to the right (11min) (980 m). Higher up you see Grazalema and Montecorto down in the valley behind you. On the plain of Llano del Endrinal the path forks by a large Grazalema sign (27min) (1110 m). Go right.

You continue gently downhill to a fork with three branches (33min) (1070 m), where you take the outermost path to the right. The path goes through a hole in a stone wall (35min) (1060 m) and curves left following the wall on your left. At the next fork, after crossing a small clearing (39min) (1060 m) a pile of stones guides you to the right. The path starts to ascend gently towards the lowest point of a ridge in front of you. Keep right at the forks. Again you go through a gate (50min) (1115 m).

On top of the ridge, at the Puerto de las Presillas (1h11min) (1245 m) you continue straight ahead without paying attention to an uphill path that branches off left along the ridge. Surrounded by fine rock formations the path winds its way through a grassy ground. You pass ruins of a couple of ice storages and come to a junction (1h17min) (1255 m). Turn right following blue arrows pointing towards you and wooden poles.

You walk a couple of minutes more in the plain, before the path starts to descend, first very gently, but then steeply in zigzag. Further down you see the A-372 on the slopes of the Sierra del Pinar and a beautiful valley on your left. The stony path leads through a gate to the Puerto del Boyar close to the A-372 (1h51min) (1105 m). Turn right on a wide path snaking its way downhill. On your way you cross a number of pretty bridges and pass nice picknick spots.

On your left rises the Sierra de las Cumbres. The path ends by the Grazalema sign and the Guadalete river (2h16min) (940 m). Continue along the A-372 to the right. You pass a lookout spot and come back to the camping area (2h20min).

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