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Río Majaceite

Río Majaceite





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-372 to the west side of El Bosque, where you find an information centre (Centro de Visitantes) next to the bullfight arena by the roundabout. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h53min/9.6km

Opposite to the tourist information centre (265 m), on the other side of the A-372, you find a narrow uphill road paved with stones. The road leads to a bridge (10min) (265 m). Do not cross it, but fork off left on a path by an information panel on the route "Río Majaceite". The river flows on your right. After crossing a bridge you come to a track (24min) (280 m). The path continues on the opposite side marked with a white arrow and a sign for Benamahoma.

Walking towards the Sierra del Labradillo you cross a couple of bridges before crossing the river (35min) (295 m). When the path forks (39min) (295 m), climb the steps on your right to a track and turn left. Walk some 60 meters to the beginning of a path with a signpost "2,3 km Benamahoma".

Again you cross the river (43min) (305 m) that descends in small cascades along a mossig bed. After crossing the river three more times, you continue on its right side. Do not pay attention to the paths branching off left, but continue on the right hand side to the end of the path (1h40min) (405 m). You see the village of Benamahoma in front of you and a sign for Ecomuseo del Agua pointing to the left.

Return on the path back to the track (2h15min) (300 m), and continue along the track without paying attention to the paths going to the right. Lined by green hills the road passes the Botanical Garden of El Castillejo (2h31min) (330 m) and descends to El Bosque (2h33min) (310 m). Do not continue to the centre of the village (Centro Ciudad), but go right to the road paved with stones. You come to the bridge (2h45min) (265 m) and return on the familiar road back to the beginning of the route (2h53min).

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