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Camping Tajo Rodillo (Grazalema) - Llano del Endrinal - Cuesta de Fardela - Camping Tajo Rodillo

Camping Tajo Rodillo (Grazalema) - Llano del Endrinal - Cuesta de Fardela - Camping Tajo Rodillo





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-372 to the parking place of the "Camping Tajo Rodillo" by the kilometre post K47 on the westside of Grazalema. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h20min/16km

Take the ascending path that starts from the parking place (915 m). You walk through a gate (4min) (930 m) and come to a fork, where a white arrow guides you to the right (11min) (980 m). Higher up you see Grazalema and Montecorto down in the valley behind you. In the plain of Llano del Endrinal the path forks by a large Grazalema sign (27min) (1110 m). Go left.

The path descends into a pine forest, where you encounter a sign for Llano del Endrinal (40min) (1090 m). Keep right. You ascend gently to another plain and bend right towards the peaks of Cerro del Simancón and Reloj (58min) (1205 m). Once you have reached the pass (1h08min) (1245 m) the path slopes down to a plain. Continue on the grassy path lined by stones through a gate (1h14min) (1225 m). Walking along this beautiful path you enjoy a nice view over the plain of Republicano spreading out on your left. The highest mountain bordering the plain is Sierra del Palo. The route follows a gorge of for a while passing old cattle fences made of stones.

When the path forks (1h32min) (1265 m), go right. You climb over a hill to a plain (1h41min) (1315 m), where the path goes on steeper uphill between rock formations. Again you come to a plain (1h51min) (1350 m). Crossing the plain the path stays quite a distance at the same level before it starts to slope down, first gently and then more steeply (2h14min) (1335 m) towards the peaks of Sierra del Caíllo. A fine view opens up over the valley of Villaluenga del Rosario on your left.

At the next fork (2h25min) (1270 m), go up right. The path leads between boulders towards an impressive stone wall running along the crest of Fardela. After walking through an opening in the wall (2h45min) (1360 m) you enjoy fine mountain views. Looking northwest you see the Cerro del Simancó, and on its left side the Sierra del Pinar with its highest peak, the Torreón.

Do not continue along the zigzag path downhill, but return the same way back to the Camping Tajo Rodillo (5h20min).

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