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Castell de Guadalest

Guadalest reservoir





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV 755 to southeast from Guadalest. Some 1.5 km from Guadalest and 800 meters past the Nou Salat hotel, turn left and drive down 1.7 km on a pine shaded road, signposted to the Guadalest reservoir (Embalse de Guadalest) where you find a parking place. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 2h30min/9.5km

Start by crossing the dam wall (370 m). After the bridge, turn left along a paved road signposted to Cumbre Aixorta. The road lined by flowers ascends gently. On both sides you see almond, olive and orange groves and pine forests. Sierra de Aixora stretches along to the right. On the opposite side of the reservoir, on your left, stands Aitana and the castle of Guadalest. If you take this walk in January or February the mountain tops of Aixorta, Serrella and Aitana might be covered with snow, while the almond trees are full of white and pink flowers.

Ignore the road that forks right (1h) (395 m), with signposts to Cumbre Aixorta and Castell de Castells. Keep left and continue around the reservoir. From the western side of the reservoir you look out to the dam wall in the east.

After you have crossed a small bridge over the Guadalest river (1h35min) (385 m), continue left. The road climbs quite sharply to the fountain of Beniarda. Above the orange groves rises the mountain range of Aixorta. Continue past a swimming pool on your left, and soon after that, before reaching the Beniarda village, turn left on a wide track (1h42min) (430 m). From this point you have a lovely view to the rock of Ombría del Castell and the town of Guadalest behind it.  The track descends close to the water level (360 m). A number of paths and tracks fork left to the reservoir. By keeping right you ascend back to the dam (2h30min).

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