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Cerro el Calar

Gjar Sierra - Collado de los Altos del Toril - Cerro el Calar - Collado de la Gitana - Caada de las Rojas - Gjar Sierra





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the road that ascends from the south side of Gjar Sierra to its west side. When you see the exit sign from Gjar Sierra, continue 1 km along the road uphill till a fork with signposts. Follow the sign for "Fuente de los 16 Canes" to the right. After 900 meters you find another sign that guides you to the left. You reach the fountains some 200 meters after this fork. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h20min/13km

By the fountain (1160 m) you find a sign for "Cerro el Calar". Follow this sign uphill to a steep track. You pass a water tank and another sign for Cerro el Calar. The track narrows into a path and forks by a wooden pole (10min) (1225 m). Go left. In a couple of minutes, you find another wooden pole, this time with a white arrow that leads you to the left (13 min) (1240 m).

Snaking its way higher up the path opens up views to Gjar Sierra and the Canales reservoir. A colourful rockwall lines the route on your left. The steepest part of the ascent ends in the pass of Altos del Toril, where you find two black crosses on a ledge (49min) (1555 m). The path forks here. Continue left uphill. A number of peaks rise in the south, including Mulhacen and Veleta. Later on, you encounter old dugouts and machine-gun nests (Los Parapetos) which are remains from the Spanish civil war (1h10min) (1750 m). By these constructions you meet a sign pointing straight ahead for Collado de la Gitana.

After you have crossed a shallow depression, the path ascends to Alto de Calar (1h37min) (1860 m), where you enjoy a great mountain panorama extending to all directions.

On your way down from the highlands you meet a wooden pole with a white arrow pointing to the right (1h41min) (1840 m). Looking down you see a dark rockwall. Once more a wooden pole with an arrow guides you to the right (1h55min) (1765 m).

Approaching the pass of Gitana you discern a number of paths down on your right. When you reach the road that runs along the pass (2h15min) (1715 m) do not take the road or cross it, but turn back on the widest path that is running lowest. 

Sheer rockwalls start to line the descending path. It goes between peculiar rock formations (2h35min) (1615 m). An orange column of tens of meters rises on your right. The various shapes leave a lot of room for your imagination.

Later on, the route runs between large bolders (2h55min) (1535 m). Soon you discern the reservoir down in the valley. 

The path descends to a sandroad (3h20min) (1350 m). Turn left downhill. The road comes to the upper part of Gjar Sierra. Keep right and return to the fountain (4h20min).

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