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Sierra Helada





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Turn to Albir from the CV-332. Drive 1 km and turn right onto Cami de la Cantera. Drive 400 meters and turn left onto Carrer Siria. At the end of this street, turn right uphill onto Cami Vell del Far. Drive 500 meters, and this road ends by a parking place. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 4h15min/9km

Start from the parking place (45 m) by following the walkway. After passing the tables and benches on your left, you find stone steps on your right (2min) (50 m). Take these rising steps. When you meet another path, turn left uphill (3min) (65 m). The path starts to follow electricity lines (8min), and keeps quite close to them all the way to the antennes.

When you come to a narrow concrete road (1h) (410), you see the antennes on your left. The route continues right downhill. Almost immediately after the round water tank (1h05min) (365 m), turn left to a path that starts ascending to the ridge of Helada. After reaching the top, the route keeps going down and up following the topography of the ridge. The path is easy to follow, because most of the time you can see it snaking along the ridge hundreds of meters ahead of you. However, if you lose the path, go uphill, and you'll find it again. Although following the path is relatively easy, walking on it gets trying at some points due to the steep ascents and descents.

The southeastern walls of Helada are sheer. In most parts, they descend vertically into the sea. All the way you enjoy panoramic views over the bay and the open sea with sailing boats and cargo vessels. The coast line is marked by the rocks of Olta, Toix and Ifach. Looking west you can see the valley lined by the great peaks of Puig Campana and Ponoch and the tower blocks of Benidorm.

When you reach the cross (4h) (235 m), go right downhill to an asphalt road (4h02min) (220 m) which descends to Benidorm (4h15min).

From Benidorm, you can take a taxi back to Albir, or walk back. If you keep close to the northwestern foot of Helada, it takes some one and a half hours to walk back to Albir. On your way back to Albir you walk on streets, narrow roads and paths.

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