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Hoya del Portillo

Hoya del Portillo - Refugio de Poqueira - Puerto Molina - Hoya del Portillo





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the A-4132 turn on the A-4129 signposted to Capileira and Bubión. After 4 kilometres you arrive in Capileira. Continue some 10 kilometres on the same road uphill until you reach Hoya del Portillo, from where you cannot drive further, because the road is closed. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h/18.5km

In Hoya del Portillo you find an information centre. Take the path that starts by the centre (2160 m) and ascends through a pine forest. At the first fork (3min) (2180 m), go left, and at the second (6min) (2195 m), go right. When you reach a clearing (22min) (2295 m), a beautiful mountain landscape opens up on your left.

The path comes to a forest road (31min) (2345 m). Cross this road and continue on a track left downhill following the sign for Poqueira. You are walking towards the hill called Loma Cacillo de los Moros and towards a peak called Pico de la Alegas. When the track bends right (41min) (2335 m), the highest mountain of the Iberian peninsula, Mulhacen rises in front of you. Later on the view encompasses all the highest peaks of the westside of the Sierra Nevada.

When the track forks (55min) (2350 m), bear right. A mountain called Prado Llano dominates the view on your right. Keep an eye on the left hand side of the track from where a path branches off (1h04min) (2395 m). Take this path. Alto del Chorillo rises in front of you. The path widens into a track that runs between mountains along the right hand side of a deep gorge. In the distance you can discern the Poqueira cottage.

Take a path that branches off left downhill (1h50min) (2610 m). When you encounter another track (1h54min) (2590 m), turn left. In a couple of minutes, you see a waterfall on your right. The track snakes its way downhill and meets the waterfall twice. Pass a cattlehouse on the left hand side of the track and continue on the track to the cottage (2h30min) (2490 m) that offers food, drinks and accommodation.

Start your way back to the Hoya del Portillo by following the track pass the path on which you descended on this track. Higher up you meet the track from which the path started (3h16min) (2640 m). This time, ignore this track that joins in from right. The track on which you are walking bends here right.

You come to the junction with signposts (3h28min) (2705 m). Turn right for Capileira. At this junction you can discern an ascending path, which leads to the top of Mulhacen.

Walking on the sandroad towards Capileira you see the Alto del Chorillo that rises on your right. In five minutes, you pass a path that comes from Treveléz. Ignore it and continue straight ahead. Later on the Sierra Lujar starts to dominate the views. Visit Puerto Molina by branching off left on a lane lined by stones (4h30min) (2390 m). In Puerto Molina you find ruins and a number of fine information panels on history, geology, plants and animals of the region.

After visiting Puerto Molina, keep on the road downhill for approximately one minute until a forest road forks off right. Follow this road to the beginning of the already familiar path that branches off left (4h34min) (2345 m) and return to the Hoya del Portillo (5h).

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