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Sendero Molinos de Isfalada

Sendero Molinos de Isfalada





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit number 321 (Huéneja, Huertezuela) and continue on the A-4103 towards Huéneja. Drive 2,3 km on this road through the village and over the bridge of the river Isfalada until a narrow asphalt road branches off right soon after the bridge. At this junction you find a small wooden plate "Enlace a V4" on the left side of the road and an empty information panel on the walking routes on the right side. Continue 1.1 km on the narrow asphalt road to the information panel on this route located at the corner of a large stone building, Molino Bajo. Although the route starts here, you find a larger parking area, if you drive cross the bridge to the recreation area. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h07min/4.5km

Begin on the track by the information panel on this mill route of river Isfalada (1210 m). The track becomes grassy (5min) (1225 m) and narrows almost into a path. When it forks (11min) (1250 m), a wooden pole with a white arrow guides you to the left. From now on the route is well signposted.

You come to a T-junction (14min) (1250 m), where you follow the arrow to the left. At the next fork with the white arrow (16min) (1260 m), go right and keep right at the fork that follows almost immediately. The track turns into a path.

When you meet a track that forks off right, stay on the path which widens to a track in a minute (20min) (1270 m). A path waymarked with an arrow branches off right and leads into an oak forest (26min) (1300 m). When it forks (28min) (1310 m), go right. The path takes you cross two gorges and runs for a while in a pine forest before descending along the left side of the gorge to the river by Pedro´s mill (Molino de Pedro) (40min) (1295 m).

Right after crossing the river the path bends right to the other side of the gorge. Walking towards the Lower mill (Molino Bajo) you enjoy nice views to the valley full of windmills and to the mountains of Sierra de Baza. The river flows on your right in the depth of the forest. On the opposite side you may see ibes watching you from the cliffs.

You descend to a water canal on your right. By a stone cottage on your left the path crosses the canal and comes to a track (50min) (1280 m) which you follow to the left. Ignore a track that joins in from right behind and walk straight ahead to a sand road (57min) ((1260 m). Turn right and return to the mill (1h07min).

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