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Arroyo de las Perdices - Collado de las Buitreras - Collado del Agua - Prado Negro - Arroyo de las Perdices





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92 from Granada towards Guadix, take the exit 264 to Venta del Molinillo - Prado Negro. After crossing the A-92, turn left on a sand road. Immediately after the turn, you see a track closed by a chain. Leave your car here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h45min/16km

Follow the track closed by a chain (1340 m) through a pine forest to an asphalt road (20min) (1325 m). Turn right. In five minutes a track branches off left (1345 m). Take this track. Higher up a beautiful mountain landscape opens up on both sides and behind you.

After passing ruins of a house the track gets narrower and grassy. Do not take the path with a red dot branching off right (40min), but keep on the track that leads you through oak bushes uphill. Soon it peters out into a path (45min) (1425 m). You find a number of hardly visible paths ascending towards the ridge you see in front of you. You can take any of them. Wild boars like to rest in the shade of the oaks.

Higher up you encounter a clear path (1h) (1610 m). Turn right. The path ascends gently towards a giant rock. Flocks of sheep and goats like to rest in its shade (1h25min) (1630 m).

Some twenty meters from the rock you find a red dot which guides you on a path that crosses a ridge (1h35min) (1660 m) and descends in a shallow gorge. Do not go left, but ascend on the opposite ridge (1h40min) (1660 m). Follow this ridge to the left. You pass some watering channels. Most probably you meet herds of bulls.

When you reach a barbed-wire fence bordering the national park (2h) (1735 m), continue uphill to the right. Looking down to the left you discern a reservoir. The path is hardly visible, but keep ascending along the slope. Following the fence you cross a small depression and continue uphill. Some 20 metres below the top of the mountain where you see a plate "Parque national", look for a steep path that descends left (2h20min) (1775 m). Take this path.

The path descends into the gorge (2h32min) (1695 m). Follow it to the right. Soon the path bends left and leads to a pass (2h42min) (1670 m). You can discenr a house ahead. It belongs to the village of Collado del Agua.

A track runs through the village composed of few houses. Turn right on this track (3h05min) (1545 m). You pass the fountain of the village and follow a gorge with a stream.

When you meet a narrow asphalt road (3h30min) (1410 m), turn right. After crossing a stream (3h55min) (1330 m), a track with a red dot branches off left. Ignore it and continue straight ahead until you meet the familiar track that forks off left (4h25min) (1325 m). Follow this track back to the starting point (4h45min).

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