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Las Mimbres

Las Mimbres - Acequia de Fardas - Cortijo de las Chorreras - Las Mimbres





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit number 269 (Las Mimbres, Prado Negro) and continue on the A-4004 towards VTA Molinillo. Drive 3.9 km until you find a sign for "Las Mimbres". Turn right and follow the signs for Zona de Acampada and Área Recreativa. When the road forks after 2.3 km, turn right and drive some 300 meters to the parking place of Las Mimbres on your left. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h20min/4.5km

If you do only one walk in the Sierra Huétor nature park, we recommend this well signposted and charming route. You can see the information panel on this route from the parking place (1340 m). By this panel you find a path with a white arrow. The path ascends through an oak forest to the Canal of Fardes (10min) (1405 m). Turn left and follow the canal which stays at the same altitude for almost half an hour. Trees covered by beard lichen, green moss and grass surround the route.

Soon after the canal ends (36min) (1405 m) the path turns into a track (42min) (1395 m). Keep following the white arrows, which guide you left on a path (47min) (1375 m). A couple of minutes later, an arrow points to the right. For a minute you walk without a path across a grassy field, before you find the path again. The route crosses a bridge (51min) (1355 m) and leads through a gently rolling country to another bridge (56min) (1335 m). Shortly after, the path turns into a track (57min) that bends right and crosses still another bridge (59min).

When you meet another track (1h01min) (1335 m), turn left. Somewhat later an arrow guides you to the right (1h05min) (1350 m), and, in a couple of minutes, once more to the right (1h08min) (1340 m). After a while, a path forks off left (1h09min) (1335 m). It takes you back to the Mimbres road (1h19min) (1335 m). Turn left and return to the parking place (1h20min).

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