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Cañada del Sereno

Cañada del Sereno





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit number 259 (Parque Natural de la Sierra de Huétor). Drive som 300 meters and turn left on a sand road. On your right, you see an information panel on the route. A little bit further you find a parking place in front of the "Casa Forestal de los Peñoncillos". (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h35min/11km

By the information panel you find a path (1280 m). Follow it to the right. A couple of minutes later you pass two signs, "Mirador de los Marmoles" and "Mirador de la Zarraca", pointing straight ahead. The path ascends gently, first through a pine forest and later through an oak forest, crosses a gorge (11min) (1295 m) and passes ruins of a house (14min) (1310 m). You pass first the lookout spot of Zarraca (25min) (1355 m) and then the lookout spot of Mármoles (37min) (1395 m). 

Later on you enjoy impressive mountain views both in front and behind (56min) (1475 m). 

Follow an arrow that points left downhill (1h05min) (1480 m). Further you encounter another arrow. Also this one takes you to the left (1h09min) (1420 m). Almost immediately you come to a track. Turn left.

A path with an arrow branches off left (1h24min) (1425 m). Straight after taking this path you meet another path. Turn left again. Opening up a view to Cerro del Púlpito  the path descends into a gorge, follows its right side for less than a minute and descends to a grassy field (1h34min) (1360 m) where the white arrows guide you ahead. After crossing the field you find on your left a path with an arrow (1h38min) (1365 m). This path crosses a bridge and takes you to a sand road (1h43min) (1320 m), which you follow to the left.

The road leads over a bridge (1h54min) (1260 m) and is then accompanied by a creek. Ignore a track that forks off right (2h06min) (1205 m) and continue over a bridge back to the beginning of the route (2h35min).

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