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Ibi - Casa de la Foyadoredes - Mas del Serrallo - Cava Coloma - Menejador - Pou de la Noguera - Cava de Simarro - Pou del Canyo - Ibi





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the N-340 (Alicante-Valencia through Alcoy) turn on the CV-806 (Ibi Est). Continue 2.7 kilometres to a junction with a sign for "Font Roja", and drive on the CV-801 about 700 metres to the exit of Ibi, where the CV-801 curves to the left and you find a track with white-yellow waymarks. (Roadmap of Alcoiá)

Distance: 11.5km/3h35min

Start out by taking the track with white-yellow waymarks (780 m), and immediately turn left on a path. Keep following the waymarks. The path crosses a narrow asphalt road (5min) (805 m). On the other side of the road, fork right on a track. The house by the fork stays on your left. The track starts ascending and turns into a path that climbs a steep slope. Soon the path disappears and you walk on a bedrock. Follow the waymarks all the way up. On your way, ignore a path that forks right, and, when you see a white-yellow cross on your right, go left, following the white-yllow stripes (10min) (865 m).

At the top, the ascend becomes more gentle (15min) (900 m), and you find a clear path that dives into a pine forest.

The path ends by the ruins of a house called Casa de la Foyadoredes (40min) (1095 m), where you find a number of signs. Go straight ahead for Font Roja on a sand road. At this moment you enter the national park. As the road gains altitude the tree stand is transformed into oaks, maples, ashes and other leaf trees. Ignore the path that forks right (50min) (1145 m).

When you reach the ruins of a house called Mas del Serrallo (1h05min) (1225 m), go right towards the top of Menejador following the sign for Ibi. If you take this route in Octobre, you walk through a forest with autumn tints.

Further up you find the Coloma ice house (Cava Coloma) (1h15min) (1315 m) on the right hand side of the road. This round building has a diameter of 13 meters and is 17 meters deep. In a clear day the vista extends all the way to the square shaped fort of Cocentaina and the reservoir of Beniarrés behind it.

Before reaching the top of Menejador, the road forks by a water tank (1h30min) (1305 m). Both forks lead to the top (1h40min) (1350 m). Return from the top back to the water tank (1h50min), and take the path left downhill. If you did not climb to the top, the path is on your right.

The path descends along the Barranco de la Fabrica to a well (2h02min) (1225 m), which has no water. Soon after the well you come to a ice house called Pou de la Noguera (2h07min) (1220 m) with a diameter of 12 meters and depth of more than 11 meters.

The path descends to the bed of Barranco de las Cimas (2h15min) (1185 m), and then ascends to the plain of Canyon, where you find the Simarro ice house (Cava de Simarro) (2h20min) (1225 m). This ice house is almost 15 meters deep and has a diameter of more than 16 meters.

Continue on the path avoiding the route PRV-127 on you left. Soon you reach the ice house of Canyon (Pou del Canyo) (2h25min) (1235 m). Close to it, you find signs. Go straight on for San Pascual, Ibi and Mas del Canyon. The path turns into a track.

When you reach the ruins of Mas del Canyon (2h35min) (1165 m), fork left for Ibi. The track turns into a path. Stay all the way on the path avoiding the track on its right. The path descends gently towards Ibi, and comes to the beginning of a narrow asphalt road (3h25min) (835 m). Continue on this road to Ibi, and turn right downhill by the corner of the water plant (Deposito de Aguas Potables) (3h33min). Walk on the Subida Depositio to the CV-801 and return to the starting point of the route (3h35min).

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