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Jeres del Marquesado

Jeres del Marquesado - Refugio Postero Alto - Los Quemados - Puesto del Guardia - Prados de Beas - Majada del Puerco - Cerro de la Calera - Jeres del Marquesado





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: If you approach the Jeres del Marquesado from Lanteira, cross the bridge and after that undercross a stone arch. Park your car immediately after the arch. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h07min/25km

If you came from Lanteira, take the narrow asphalt road, Camino de Granada, on you left (1265 m). The road ascends gently and comes to a fork (4min) (1285 m). Go left. Immediately after the fork, the asphalt road turns into a sand road and you find a path on your right. Ascend on this path. The sand road runs below, and later on, you cross it (15min) (1295 m).

After crossing the road follow the gently ascending path. Looking down, you can see the river and the ruins of a mill (25min) (1330 m). When the path forks, follow the wooden poles uphill to the right (40min) (1405 m).

The path turns into a wide forest road (43min) (1425 m) that follows a fire break, and later on  crosses a sand road (1h) (1550 m). When the road forks, go left (1h07min) (1605 m). At the next fork, you find a sign for the "Refugio" (1h09min) (1700 m). Follow this sign to the right. At the following fork, go left (1h24min) (1800 m). You come to the Refuge of Postero Alto (1h34min) (1885 m). The opening hours of this cabin vary. Most likely you find it open on weekends.

From the cabin continue along the forest road straight ahead. When the road forks (1h37min) (1925 m), keep left. In few minutes you find a fountain on the left hand side of the road. Fork left on a track with a white-red waymark (1h43min) (1965 m). From here on, follow the waymarks.

The track turns into a path (1h53min) (2010 m). Follow the path a couple of meters downhill and bend right. In few minutes you see a fountain on your right. Keep on the well beaten path leading in a pine forest. When the path meets a track (2h07min) (1960 m), turn right. After a stream and a cascade, the track ascends to a cattle house where it ends (2h15min) (1985 m). Start walking on a hardly visible path towards a small stone building. When you reach it, you find a waymark and a clear path (2h20min) (1980 m).

The path crosses a stream and descends steeply to a waterfall (2h28min) (1980 m), by which you cross a wider stream.

After reaching the top of a hill you see the ridge of Alcazabar behind you. Soon two glistening stripes against a rock wall come into sight. You descend to the stream where these two waterfalls join together (2h37min) (1975 m). Cross the stream. The path leads through a green landscape to the next gorge.

After crossing the next stream (2h52min) (1945 m), the path climbs through a grazing ground to a house (3h07min) (1985 m). Before you reach the house, bend right and follow the waymarks.

Once more you cross a stream and continue uphill (3h20min) (2050 m). When the path forks (3h47min) (2080 m), do not follow the white-red waymarks to the right, but keep left. A not so clear path climbs gently uphill on top of a hill (3h54min) (2145 m), from where you can spot your onward route, a wide fire break.

After descending along the path on the fire break (4h07min) (1995 m), follow this easy but ugly terrain for half an hour downhill until you find a track that branches off left (4h40min) (1725 m). Some seven minutes later bend left on a track, and continue on this track to the left (4h47min) (1590 m).

Keep an eye on the right hand side of the track. When you see a wooden pole, fork right on a path (5h05min) (1535 m). Closer to the Jeres del Marquesado, the path widens into a track, which comes to an asphalt road (5h57min) (1285 m m). Turn left and return to the starting point (6h07min).

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