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Laroles - Picena - Piedras Almenaras - Zorreras





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-4132 to the west side of Laroles where the road bends downhill and comes to the Plaza de San Antonio. Leave your car here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h20min/7km

Walk along the Paseo de San Antonio straight ahead until you meet the Calle Santiago (5min) (1040 m). Here you see a narrow lane branching off left downhill. Take this lane. Soon you find a white-yellow waymark that guides you left on a path before you reach a gate (7min) (1000 m). At this point, do not take the path that continues straight ahead. On the left had side of the path you see a water tank. At the other end of this tank, the path forks (9min) (1000 m). Go right. Tall fig trees line the path.

The path comes to a concrete road (15min) (985 m). Turn right and walk some 40 meters, until a track forks off left. Take this track which peters out into a path almost immediately. When the path forks (19min) (950 m), go right. You come to a track (23min) (900 m). Turn left. The track turns into a path. Ignore a track that branches off right and leads to a house.

Keep on the path until you meet a track (30min) (845 m). Turn left. Just before you reach a bridge, take a path that bends right (32min) (830 m) and comes to an asphalt road (35min) (810 m). Turn right. Walk pass the village of Picena until a narrow asphalt road branches off right (40min) (795 m). When the road parts into three (48min) (830 m), take the right hand side branch. This sand road descends to a fountain in the shade of tall trees (54min) (790 m), and then crosses a bridge (57min) (770 m). Continue straight on until a white-yellow waymark guides you on a steeply ascending sand road (1h05min) (775 m) lined by olive plantations. When the road bends right, continue straight ahead, and bend almost immediately to the left (1h09min) (805 m). Walk some 20 metres and take a path that ascends from your left. The path meets a water canal (1h13min) (830 m) and follows it for a while. When the path forks (1h16min) (830 m), go right uphill. In a minute you meet a sand road. Turn left. The road crosses a canal (1h24min) (900 m), and comes to another road (1h28min) (920 m). Turn left.

A road branches off right (1h38min (985 m)). Immediately after taking this road, branch off left following the white-yellow waymark. The road bends right and turns into a path (1h41min) (1000 m). On your right you see Laroles. When the path forks (1h48min) (1025 m), go right. In a couple of minutes you meet the A-4132. Turn right.

When a path branches off right (2h03min) (1030 m), follow it back to the village. Walk through the village straight ahead. You walk in the same street, but its name changes from Calle Belen to Calle Cubo, then to Calle Rayo, then to Calle Agua and finally to Calle Malcoba. By the Calle Santiago keep going straight ahead back to the Plaza de San Antonio (2h20min).

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