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Senda de la Hidroeléctrica

Senda de la Hidroeléctrica





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on A348a to Laujar de Andarax. From the eastern side of the village starts a narrow asphalt road signposted to Nacimiento. Follow this road to the north some 1.4 km to the recreation area, where you find two information panels showing plants and animals side by side. Keep driving downhill some 800 meters more, past two panels:  Senda de Monterrey and Senda de Aguadero/Senda de la Hidroeléctrica. When you reach the third panel showing only the Senda de la Hidroeléctrica, park your car.  (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h32min/8km

By the panel (970 m) you find a steep path. When you meet another path (10min) (1030 m), turn right. On the left hand side you find two modest caves. The path leads south for a while, before turning left. Soon after the bend you find white-yellow waymarks (21min) (1040 m). Looking south you see a beautiful mountain landscape with the slopes of Gádor over the valley.

Ignore a path with a white-yellow cross branching off right (31min) (1105 m). When you reach the canal of Duque del Infantado (34min) (1130 m), turn right and start following it. The canal runs at the same altitude for kilometers. Earlier it led enough water to meet the electricity demand of the whole valley. Now this beautiful canal is dry. The path on the wide edge of the canal is easy to walk. It opens great views down to the gorge on your left.

You meet the first and the longest tunnel in few minutes. A torch is necessary to go through this curved and in some places narrow tunnel. After you emerge from it (40min) you encounter the next tunnel in few minutes. This one is straight and short. Some 30 meters further, a path branches off right  (44min). It goes round the collapsed part of the canal and returns back to it (47min).

Before you reach the bridge of Chillo (59min) you have to climb over tree trunks casted down from the slope by storms. After the bridge, the canal leads to a crossing path by an information panel (1h07min). If you want to take a shortcut back to the recreation area, turn left downhill and follow the Senda Del Aguadero. The route goes ahead along the canal.

Take a path that branches off right (1h35min) (1130 m), and keep right uphill without going back to the canal. Soon you meet steps that would take you left, down to the rushing water. It is safer not to climb the narrow steps since the handrails are broken. The route continues straight ahead.

You cross an old wooden bridge (1h42min) (1150 m) and ascend to a track (1h46min) (1180 m). Turn left. Almost immediately you come to a junction. Follow the sandroad to the left. It snakes its way through a forest downhill. The Senda Del Aguadero, which you met higher up, joins in from left (2h24min) (1005 m). Ignore it and return to the information panel (2h32min).

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