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Río Serpis

River Serpis





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive 7 km on the CV-701 from Beniarrés to L'Orxa/Lorcha. By a stone bridge over the Serpis river on the western side of the L'Orxa turn left uphill towards a castle. At this junction, you see signs "Lorcha" "Centro urbano" and "Beniarrés 7 km". Almost immediately after the turn, a paper factory (Fabrica de Papel) stands on the right hand side of the road. Drive 0.5 km uphill and park at the old railway station. (Roadmap of Comtat)

Distance: 5h25min/22km

Start out at the old station by following a sand road in the direction of Villalonga, to the northeast  (280 m). Keep on this main track with the white-yellow waymarks ignoring all side forks.

Soon the ruins of the castle emerges on your left backed by the walls of El Serrellar and Alt de la Creu. The road bends to southeast departing the orchards and meeting the river Serpis on your right (10 min). First peaceful, but then rushing over rocks, the river flows some 5-10 meters below you. Gay colours of green bamboo and pink rosebay contrast the rocky slopes striped with terraces. Here and there you find paths descending to the river bed where you can swim and watch fish and birds. Scooped out by water, the rocks serve as excellent seats while picnicking.

Along this route, you have five tunnels. The first tunnel (30 min) (230 m) leads through Les Passeres Grans. Almost immediately after entering it you see the other end. The tunnel is high; so there is enough light to go through it without a torch. Soon after the tunnel, you find a track that descends to a dam (40 min) (225 m). After visiting it continue on the road. When the road forks (1h05min) (210 m), go right downhill.

You cross the river by a tall building, Fabrica de L'Infern, that rests on the lower flanks of Salt de Surer (1h15min) (190 m). The river is now on your left. Ignore the path that forks right uphill, and continue on the road.

The second tunnel (1h25min) (190 m) is short. The road carries you through orchards to Racó del Duc, where you find a signs for the Mata fountain (Font de la Mata) and the top of Safor (Cim de la Safor) (1h35min) (185 m).

If you turn off the road and follow the path some 50 meters, you might find a pool with clear water - big enough to have a bathe - but the pool might be empty as well. If this is the case, don't be too disappointed, since the main road brings you in no time to large pools where you can swim. First you go through a very short tunnel (1h37min). Beyond it, you see a dam. The pools are just below the dam.

Past the bridge of Pedra (Pont de Pedra), the road curves right departing the river and revealing the orange groves of Racó de la Tardada.

The fourth tunnel (1h50min) (160 m) is some 100 meters long, but since it is straight and high, you do not need a torch. The fifth tunnel (2h) (150 m) is longer and curved. A torch would be helpful, but luckily there are windows at the walls. They shed enough light to pass even without a torch.

Directly after the tunnel you have another dam and splendid swimming spot. At this point, the road forks (2h05min) (140 m). Go right uphill, first through a pine grove and then through the olive tree terraces.

The road bends right, and you face the mountain of Safor in south, and have views over the valley of Villalonga in the northeast. When you come to an asphalt road by a quarry (2h30min) (195 m), turn right uphill.

Walk by the steps that go left uphill to the Refugi la Safor (2h45min) (370 m), but fork on the signposted road that goes left uphill to Safor (3h05min) (415 m). The road curves right, and, at the bend you see a sign for the top of Safor (Cim de la Safor) (Cim de la Safor) (3h10min) (450 m).

In southwest, you see the mountain of Benicadell. On your right - across the river Serpis - the gentle-featured smooth slopes contrast the sharply outlined lush walls on your left.

On your way to Lorcha you pass a path that goes to an ice house (La Nevera) and to the top of Safor (3h20min) (540 m), a road that goes right downhill to the Serquera fountain (Font de Serquera) (3h40min) (550 m), a track that goes left uphill to the Olbits fountain (Font dels Olbits) (3h55min) (555 m) and a road that goes left to the Bassiets fountain (Font de Bassiets) (4h10min) (525 m).

When the road descends to the CV-701 (5h) (260 m), turn right. After the bridge, make another right turn (5h15min) and walk back to the satation (5h25min).

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